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Nov 19, 2007 01:32 PM

What's Your Favorite Seafood Dish?!

Every Christmas, instead of having a traditional ham or turkey and sides, my family does "SEAFOOD FEST"!! It's like a Festivus of Food. We don't really have any traditional side dishes... maybe some rice or rolls or something green. Everything else is seafood: crabcakes, baked scallops, stuffed clams, steamed lobster, swordfish, sea bass, shrimp etoufee, you name it, we cook it. We've done this for the last ten years.

This year, all I've got for the menu is clam chowder and bacon-wrapped scallops. I need some ideas for this year's Seafood Fest, so where else to find them but the Chowhound board??

So what's your favorite seafood dish? It can be anything from a side dish to a main course; it can be buttered, battered, broiled, or fried; steamed, creamed, or raw and cleaned. As always, thanks for the input!

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  1. Shrimp Scampi, extra garlicky
    Crab Imperial
    Poached salmon served cold with horseradish dip
    Lobster Roll
    Seafood salad made with squid, shrimp, crab and lobster, olive oil and lemon vinegarette

    1. I like to start with fried calamari- straight from the pan- with a garlicky spicy fresh mayo. Big bowls of very garlicky steamed clams and fresh bread for dipping the the juices makes me happy. Also because they are "finger foods" they work well with pacing the meal and not filling up too quickly.

      1. Fried soft-shell blue crabs
        Steamed Ipswich clams with broth and butter for dipping
        Tuna Ceviche
        And I am fiend for fish tacos

        1. simply grilled scallops
          sesame or peppercorn crusted seared tuna
          fish kabobs
          manhattan clam chowder
          mini crab cakes
          quiche with crab, cheese and broc or spinach
          tea cakes with smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese

          1. Grilled eel
            O-toro sashimi
            Abalone sashimi
            Deep-fried shrimp heads
            Grilled salmon (rare)
            Grilled scallops
            Crab cakes
            Fish maw soup
            McDonald's Filet-O-Fish