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Nov 19, 2007 01:15 PM

romance in lincoln center help

Need a good first date place in the Lincoln center area (either before or after the ballet)

must be vegetarian/fish only friendly.. looking for a nice quiet place to have good wine and convo to get to know each other better... not over the top Jean george like... quiet, cool, local place

any ideas

thanx in advance

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  1. I'd recommend Epices du Traiteur on the north side of 70th Street just west of Columbus. Sort of Moroccan/Mediterranean, with quite a few fish and vegetarian choices. It's not really romantic, but a very pleasant neighborhood type place where you can relax and they don't pressure you.

    1. It's gone downhill a bit, but I still like Pasha for Turkish. It's a dark, romantic, quiet spot. It works best, in my opinion, for small plates / tapas dining, since tapas here are better done than main courses.

      Telepan is not too far away. It's well liked on this board and has a decent wine list.

      I also quite like Cafe Gray in the Time Warner building, if that's within your price range. It's quiet enough to talk, but not so quiet that you'll feel awkward. The wine and cocktails are great. Food is solid.

      1. What about Nick & Toni's at 100 W. 67th?
        You can google their menu.

        1. Shun Lee? Pretty, good food and they have veggie dishes

          1. Telepan

            Sorry, had to edit this. Completely missed the romance part. Telepan is a great place and you should check it out but I don't know if I would consider it romantic.

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                Gabriel's is quite expensive and I think a rather sterile atmosphere. Certainly not what I'd call "cool" by any means. It's more the kind of place I'd take my elderly aunt (if I had an elderly aunt).

                1. re: JoanN

                  True Joan, it's not cool but inexpensive next to the others mentioned, Shun Lee and Telepan.
                  I also just noticed the big word "only" after vegetarian/seafood. I cannot think of one place that serves vegetarian and seafood ONLY on their menu.
                  So except for Le Pain Quotidien, which isn't all that romantic, I am stumped.

                  1. re: idia

                    Not really, idia. Take a look at the menus. Gabriel's prices are $4 to $5 higher than Telepan across the board from pastas to mains. The mains are higher than at Shun Lee as well. And at Telepan, you don't have to order sides a la carte. At Gabriel's they're $6 and $7. And of course the food at Telepan is far superior. I have no real objection to Gabriel's. The food is usually well prepared. And at those prices it certainly ought to be.

                    1. re: JoanN

                      I really dislike Gabriel's and posted about my dinner there a while back. To sum it up, expensive and poor food and service. Also definitely not on the romantic side, especially those banquettes which are smooshed together and the individual tables are no better.

                    2. re: idia

                      I took "vegetarian/fish only friendly" to mean a place that would satisfy vegetarians or those that will eat fish but no other meat/flesh/dead animal, not one with a menu limited to those items.

                    3. re: JoanN

                      Gabriel's has great wine, which boosts it several points IMHO