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Nov 19, 2007 01:05 PM

Soy Sauce

I just got back from my local Asian market. The selection of soy sauce is always a little exciting and overwhelming. I bought some Wei-Chuan, china dark soy sauce. It is from Singapore. I have bought it before and had good results. I also bought some Nuoc Tuong which is from Taiwan but the name sounds Thai to me (but, what do I know). Anyway, any experience with Nuoc Tuong? Any thoughts on the virtues of different styles of Soy Sauce. Thanks

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  1. I always buy the Japanese brands like Kikkoman. My family's Chinese and my mom has a bias against soy sauce from China. She doesn't think the factory quality control is all there and worries about soy being watered down.

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      That is good to know, I had been looking for other brands for two reasons. One, i just like to try different things. Second, becuase i just assumed that a widely available brand like Kikkoman would be "watered down" for american tastes. Thanks for your input!

    2. There is soy sauce you buy to cook with, then there is soy sauce you buy to use as dipping sauce.

      Whatever brand you decide on, splurge on the latter.

      1. I think Nuoc Tuong is Vietnamese for 'soy sauce' .

        There are tons of different types of soy sauce, from many different countries. Each one has it's use. I would say, as a rough guide, stick with a soy sauce brand which comes from the country which cuisine you're cooking. IE: Don't cook with Japanese soy sauce if you're making Chinese or Thai food.

        From there you can learn about the different types of soy sauce, dark, sweet, salty, thin, etc.

        Also, it goes rancid pretty quickly. Replace your bottle every 3 months or so if you don't use it often. If you swirl it around a bit in the bottle, and it leaves a sort of reddish-brown coloring on the glass, it's no good (it'll smell off too).

        I live in Thailand, and cook Thai food, so I buy Thai brands. I use Healthy Boy brand often. (yellow label with a fat kid) I also like the brand with the boat, and the one with the dragonfly on the label.

        For dark soy sauces, I use the steamboat brand. Sorry - I don't know the correct name in English, so I'm describing the logos. :)

        I've got a picture of the logos here:

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          What an informative site RealThaiRecipes is. Thank you for the link!

        2. Does all this advice and all these suggestions go for Tamari as well?

          1. I'm not a fan of Kikkoman. It is too salty. San-J makes a naturally brewed Tamari premium soy sauce that has more flavor. I also like the Kame dark soy when you need that punch.