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Nov 19, 2007 12:59 PM

Thanksgiving Desserts-what are you making? [Moved from New England board]

Always curious to see what everyone does for Thanksgiving desserts...there is a world beyond pumpkin, pecan and apple pie, right? What are your faves? What are you making?

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  1. Carrot cake cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting

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    1. re: marthadumptruck

      Would you be willing to share the cupcake recipe? Sounds wonderful.

      Mine is Barefoot Contessa's pecan pie bars dipped in chocolate, pumpkin gooey bars, and my banana pie with brown sugar and sour cream...

    2. My family and guests are suuuuuch traditionalists..... It's not Thanksgiving to them without Apple and Pumpkin pies, so those are a given. I'm also making Cherry Pie and Chocolate Cream Pie. All pies made the day before, except whipping the cream for the Chocolate one, which I do right before serving. Ice cream and whipped cream will be on hand for a la mode.

      Also making chocolate chocolate chip cookies (made with brownie mix and quite good actually), and oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch.

      If I'm in the mood I might make a cheesecake, but that's iffy. I'll ask my family on Wednesday if they want it.

      1. Here's a recent thread with lots of ideas:

        What are you serving for Thanksgiving dessert?

        1. Mmmm...Thanks for all your repsonses! The banana pie and pecan bars sound really good and the cupcake idea sounds good for the kiddies...Is hard to narrow it down!
          I'm cooking for a mixed crowd, so I need to be sure to make at least 1 gluten free otion for a guest with celiacs.

          I'm thinking:

          Gluten free apple crisp with caramel and lemon ice creams
          Lemon Mernigue pie(a family fave)
          Ginger-Chocolate Cake with Cherry Sauce and whipped cream

          All are good, but the kids need something fun like marthadumptruck's cupcakes or cookies...

          Thanks for the inspiration!