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Nov 19, 2007 12:41 PM

Renaissance Bistro, Brunswick Maine?

Any 'hounds have a report?

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  1. stay away.....

    Back Street Bistro is probably the best Brunswick has to offer. Its good but not great.

    1. I've been to Renaissance BIstro twice, and liked it both times. They have a lovely weekend brunch, with an interesting menu and good food. Dinner was nice, too, not fantastic, but I'd go back. Reasonably priced, with main courses in the teens.

      1. I really enjoyed the back st bistro with all of its nuance and flavor. the service can be unpredictable but don't pass on a chance to try it.

        1. Haven't been to Renaissance yet; Back Street Bistro is very good but I think Henry and Marty's is significantly better at the high price end. My favorites at the low price end include Brunswick Diner, El Camino Cantina, and if you like garlic, Scarlet Begonias Bistro (where you can BYOB); absolutely a bargain and fabulous flavor. Read reviews from the Portland paper below.

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            I like Henry and Marty's too but it has been harder to get into, great bartender....

          2. The original comment has been removed