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Nov 19, 2007 12:36 PM

ISO Hamilton Steak House

I'm looking for a good old-fashioned steak house within walking distance of Copps Colliseum. Need great steaks and classic sides, don't care about the ambience at all. Although, having said that, old-time smoke-embedded red velvet wallpaper, ancient waiters and generous cocktails would be perfect. Jeans must be permitted.

Failing that, we'll take an Italian red-sauce place with checkered tablecloths and great lasagna.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Sirloin Cellar is around the corner. Real Old School.

    Shakespeare's is about a 10-minute walk. Also Real, but might be too precious for jeans.

    For decent Italian, La Cantina isn't far.

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    1. re: Gourmando

      I would second the Sirloin Cellar. We went there as a group of 8 during the Brier. The service and the food was great!

      1. re: Gourmando

        Will second both choices...The Sirloin Cellar is classic old school steak house (and yes it is underground)...La Cantina is decent Italian and the Fried Calamari meal is one of the best deals around for squid lovers.

      2. Agree with suggestions, except I'm not sure that La Cantina has the "Italian red sauce" atmosphere you're looking for. I think that Capri might be more along those lines, but I've never eaten there. Husband says it's "okay", but thinks the Sirloin Cellar is really what you're after.

        1. Agree with the Sirloin Cellar recommendation. Closer to Copps and better than Shakespeare IMHO. As for Italian, I've enjoyed good meals at La Piazza Allegra near St. Jo's Hospital. Still, not quite the red, checkered table cloth experience.

          If you really want a great steak, I would recommend Lord Nelson in Burlington on Plains Road East. It is about a 7 minute drive from Copps.

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          1. re: cynalan

            Lord Nelson is probably the best steak in the region, but definitely not a jeans place.

            foodiemommy is right that La Cantina is not the "Italian red sauce" kind of place, but it's probably the "best" all-round Italian place in the Hammer. Can't comment on Capri.

            1. re: Gourmando

              Grin, if I were to recommend an "Italian Red Sauce" kind of place in Hamilton, it would probably be either the Trocadero (surprisingly not too bad for steaks as well) or Chicago Style Pizza Shack, however neither of them are near Copps Coliseum.

          2. romanruin, Please loop back and let us know where you went and how it was.

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            1. re: foodiemommy

              WOW haven't been to the Sirlion Cellar in years!
              Glad to hear it is still going strong.
              A definite must go to for sure, classic dining room look when I was there:)
              Food excellent, service attended to with great detail and when you order
              a side of mushrooms, they brought it in a side skillet/warmer, very old school!

              A friend of mine went to this place last year and stated the food and service was
              very very good.
              I went to Google it and think that they have changed the name since opening.Here is the link:

              Also found this one in Hess Village:

              1. re: NoFixedAddress

                I've tried both of these locations and they, like other places in Hess Village, lean towards the night club/lounge crowd. Sizzle is the kind of place you go for a late meal then party and drink the night away with the beautiful people.

                Sizzle is not bad, their meats are provided by Cumbrae's and you pay for the quality ingredients...It's just not the kind of place you go wearing jeans either prior to or after attending an event a Copps Coliseum...

            2. Thanks Hamiltonian hounders..
              Sirloin Cellar was perfect for our needs. Like a trip back to the 60's. Friendly staff got us in and out quickly so we could catch the hockey game. Those wacky meatballs in sauce over the candle took the edge off our appetite. Nothing special, just a nice meat-based freebie. New York strips were perfectly cooked. Solid quality - not dry-aged or anything - but decent flavour and resonably tender. Vegetables and potato OK, classic mini white bread loaf. At less than one-third the price of Harbour Sixty, the Cellar over-delivered. Like stepping back in time, but in a good nostalgic way.
              Very few of these old-style steak joints left in Toronto - maybe Carmens or the Black Angus - and certainly not at these prices.