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Nov 19, 2007 12:29 PM

Best Place to Sharpen Kitchen Knives? (Calgary)

I usually get them sharpened at Keen Edge down in Dover ... Anyone have a good experience with the mobile sharpening guy? (don't even suggest The Knifery, people! I like my knives!)

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  1. You mean KnifeX? I've been curious about them as well. Thought about giving them one of my old crappy inherited Henckels to see what they could do with it, but havent gotten around to it yet.

    Someone out there must know!

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      KnifeX is okay, he drives around to the different restaurants and supplies them with a rotating pool of yellow handled industrial henckels. He also used to own the kitchen supply store that is now Hendricks on 42nd, and knows some insane stories about franken food machines. Machine sharpening and overpriced by comparison.

      The very best knife sharpening in town is hands down:

      Kevin Kent is a ridiculous cook, and I'd trust him with my Messer. He used to work at St. John in London of "Nose to Tail" fame. His prices are dirt cheap and he hand sharpens with wet stones.

        1. re: Gobstopper

          Thank you so much for that link! I've been putting off having mine sharpened out of fear.

      1. An alternative would be to purchase a Chef's Choice knife sharpening machine. They're available at Linens'n'Things and Williams Sonoma.

        An Accusharp manual sharpener is also very useful. This is what I use and it creates a very sharp, true edge.

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          Thanks Gobstopper. I try. Need some lovin for the Messer?

        2. I don't know if you went to The Knifery at chinook centre, because I always go there and they do a very nice job on my knives. There is a guy there that does all the Japanese knives by hand on water stones and he even finishes them on a leather strop. The best thing is they are alot cheaper than Anyways thats just my experience.

          1. Hi,
            The Blades on Wheels guy, Ralph is awesome. Very well done and he showed me the proper way to use my Steel. He was a butcher for 21 years and his apprenticeship included knife sharpening and building. He sharpened ten knives for me including fixing the tip on one of my Henckels, all for 31.00. They sliced my Stupice Tomatoes fresh from the vine, beautifully. He also does scissors and clippers.