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Nov 19, 2007 11:48 AM

All Clad Roti Pan, Questions

Hi All,

MIL wants to purchase all her DIL's an All Clad Roti Pan. I told her that I thought they had made a few changes to their pans and that all the new ones now do not have an aluminum core but are just SS and warp on the stove top. The bottoms also are not flat but have ridges in them. Is this true? How can she obtain the old favorite I know and love? Mine has a flat SS rack but she was looking at the NS racks. I told her to stay away from the NS Roti Pans. What do you think she should do?


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  1. Yes, definateley stay away from nonstick Roti pans. (I don't know why they even make them). The nonstick coating causes the wonderful pan juices to evaporate and therefore you have no base for gravy. A nonstick rack is okay.....The ss roasting pans come with a rack and 2 lifters. The heavy gauge ss core produces highly responsive conduction and even heat distribution. I am sure that they have painstakingly tested their efforts to maintain the same integrity of the old style and would not have changed if it were inferior to the old style.

    1. Stay away from the All-Clad SS Roti Pan. I purchased mine a year or so ago after reading it was highly recommended by Cook's Illustrated magazine. They even suggested it could be passed down to the next generation. I used it once in the oven and the stainless steel handles became so hot that not even 2 pot holders in each hand were enough to remove the pan without feeling the intense heat. I plan to discard it in the metals container at my local landfill.