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Nov 19, 2007 11:39 AM

Casting Call- Kitchen Knightmares

So have any of you noticed the casting call looking for restaurants? There are a couple restaurants I wish I could turn in as a outsider, not member of the restaurant which is probably required. Are there any places that came to mind as soon as you saw that?

Mine were:
Bistro Europa in Alexandria, VA and The Hermitage in Petersburg, WV (which isn't as terrible as the first, but I think could use the help, still)

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  1. The Savoy in Kansas City. Used to be Harry Truman's favorite place (has his own booth). I loved this place, but according to locals, it's went downhill. Very classic Kansas City - steak, tableside Caesar, fantastic cocktails. Just great.

    1. The debate about this program is carried out on many threads herein, but once again I would like to know exactly what the chef adds to the establishment in question. In most cases the restaurant is left just as clueless, perhaps a slightly better place, than when it began...even the great chef himself must know the folly of it all.