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Nov 19, 2007 11:30 AM

The Spicy Pickle Comes to NoVa

Does anyone have some 411 on this sandwich chain? It looks a lot like Cosi.


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  1. Hey Bob! Long time no see! Although I live down the road from you, I have been to a branch in Boulder (where it originates). I really liked it, from a fast casual standpoint. I think the atmosphere is more like Noodles & Co than Cosi. They really emphazise paninis rather than regular sandwiches. I doubt I would go for dinner, but for a lunch place on the go, it is great. I especially liked that you can choose what you want in the sandwich from a long list of ingredients. For non-meat and cheese choices, there is no extra charge if you go over a certain number (like Cosi does).

    I caveat all this with a caution I have not eaten here in 2-3 years, but during those 2-3 years, I was hoping one would open here. Unfortunately it is not near Arlington....

    1. I do like Spicy Pickle to grab a sandwich or salad for lunches. They have some standards but you can alter and like Sam said they have a long list of ingredients that you can choose from. They are actually based in Denver, not Boulder but close enough.