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Nov 19, 2007 11:10 AM

Wedding Cakes DC

Hi! Any suggestions of where to go for a wedding cake that is as delicious as it is pretty (intricate lacey piping as seen in MS's Wedding, I believe the last issue --- light yellow cake with fine piping work) in the DC area? Thank you!

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  1. You need to check if you are limited to choices by your vendors and/or location. Next I would check what the local boards on "the knot", very helpful community
    This is a bio with vendor reviews

    Check the Washingtonian magazine bridal section

    And finally do a search on this board since this question comes up from time to time

    1. While I've never had wedding cake from there, Pastries by Randolph in Arlington has excellent cakes in general, and the book of photos of past wedding cakes looks phenomenal.

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        Heidelberg Bakery did our cake (arlington, Lee Hwy). almond creme filling and marzipan on the outside of yellow cake. everyone LOVED it. i showed bakery contact a design from a book, photocopied it for them, and it was super!! i think it is just as good if not better than randolph's, but i also think it was less expensive...

      2. I know it's not DC, but if you are open to Baltimore then Charm City cakes is the place to go to. We used them for our wedding cake. They are actually featured on Food Network and they are just as nice in person as they seem on tv. We met with Duff, the owner. He helped us designed our cake. Every flavor we tried was amazing - and they have quite a few. They also do simple wedding cakes and will deliver them without any hassle to where you want them to (if you want them to). They are a little bit pricey, but you will not worry one bit with them. Working with Charm City was one of the best experiences of our wedding!

        1. What you need to do is find a bakery that you like the way their cake tastes and then see if they will be able to do the design that you want. I use Just Cakes in Bethesda when I am working on an event that taste and atheistic are an equal priority.

          1. We went through the same research process you are now going through and in the end used Cakes Plus in Laurel. They are a wedding cake specialist and do a good job at a reasonable price. IIRC they have regular tastings, and always have display cakes with lots of piping for you to see, so go and see what you think. We checked out some others which were good, but a lot depends on your budget. Wedding cakes can become astronomically expensive, like everything else about weddings. But you probably already figured that out.