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Nov 19, 2007 11:09 AM

Best place for Khao Soi in Bangkok?

I'll be in Bangkok in less than 2 weeks and I'd love to find some good Khao Soi. I know it's typical to Chiang Mai, but I won't be there this trip.
So, where should I go? Restaurants or street vendors-it doesn't matter, just good directions please!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe there is no answer to this.

    I've tried Just You and Mee at Hyatt and it's pretty good. The Sathorn Road branch of Baan Khanita is supposedly serving one.

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      There is actually another thread discussing about khao soi in Bangkok :D

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        A couple on that list are truly, truly bad. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone... Khao Soi in Pantip I'm talking to you. I'd rather eat it at S&P or the Sharaton Suk room service version than the soggy noodle flavorless version sold at Pantip.

        Can also try Little Home on Thonglor

      2. Almost didn't notice how old this post is! But still....

        There is a small restaurant off Silom (soi 3 I think) serving only kao soy and kanom jeen nam ngiaw (and rice cooked in pork blood). It is called guaytiaw sipsongpanna and it's on the right as you walk down from Silom. Might not have an English language sign, I can't remember - look for the cooks out front. I usually have the kanom jeen but I've tried the kao soy and it's good.

        If you're up for a challenge, I'd try the last restaurant on the CNNgo list, Maan Meuang. We've been going for a while now since the author of this article wrote it up on his blog. I haven't tried the kao soy but they have a long menu of northern food which is exceptional. One of the comments to the article says the place has moved but the commenter couldn't find it. On my second to last trip, they told me they were moving and gave me a map in Thai, but the best bet is to call their mobile no. and ask for info. Or get a Thai person to do it for you. It really is worth the effort; their dtam kanun (young jackfruit salad) is fantastic.

        Another good northern place (I love northern food, can you tell) is Gedhawa on soi 35. I think I've tasted their kao soy but again it was kind of eclipsed by some of the other dishes on offer (nam prik num and various other incredible nam prik, gaeng kae...) The family that run it are really sweet, too. Compared to Maan Meuang, the food is much more artistic, but Maan Meuang probably has the edge in terms of flavour. (Also, Gedhawa does food from other regions but we avoid that now after a few - relative - disappointments)

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          K.Ma_Muang ka, Would you please spell Gedhawa in Thai? (I assumed soi 35 means Sukumvit 35. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

          Thank you ka.

          1. re: NP2

            Yes it's on Soi 35. Spelling:

            Apparently a northern flower of some sort.

            1. re: koknia

              That's it. One of my favourite places, and a good one for taking visitors, too.

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                That restaurant name is really strange. The Thai is เก็ดถะหวา which
                transiterates to 'Gaed ThaWaa' not 'Gaed HaWaa' as they transliterated it. And the Thai words make no sense in central Thai language so my guess is that it is something from northern Thai dialect. Perhaps it is a flower as Koknia suggests.