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Nov 19, 2007 10:46 AM

Anyone eaten at Cristina's Italian in Wheaton?

I have driven past this restaurant in Wheaton on University Blvd numerous times and was wondering if it is any good. My in-laws are coming in from Long Island and want to take us out to eat at a "nice" restaurant (not super fancy just nice) this week. They aren't particularly adventurous eaters and enjoy a good value. We were considering Rays, which I understand is excellent but seems pricier than I'd prefer. We were also considering Ceviche but it seems like a scene.

At any rate, is Cristina's a good red-sauce Italian as promised on its Web site?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. My grandmother lives in Wheaton and we have gone there because it's close to her house. The food is pretty basic and not bad, but I wouldn't consider it a destination restaurant. I think I had salmon which was ok but I seem to remember my grandma enjoying the crabcake. They have an early bird special, and it seems to clear out later in the evening.

    1. I'd recommend Azucar for your dinner. It's on Layhill and has a nice dining room. There are Mexican and Salvadoran dishes (very good) but the specials are what I would consider continental style--shrimp and salmon in white wine sauce, for example. There's enough on the menu to please most people and the service is good too.

      1. Well thanks for the advice. While Cristina's might be okay on an average night, I think they'd like something more special. I'll let you all know how it turns out!

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          Update. We went to Ceviche. The food was okayish but frankly not very good.

          I was with tough to please people but:
          1. Calamari was delicious but cold
          2. Bar drink order took 20 minutes at least and the mixed drinks were warm by the time we got them
          3. Argentine beef dish was very tough
          4. Shredded chicken dish was oversalted and under seasoned
          5. Gazpacho had way too much oregano (but I do hate oregano)

          On the plus side, I thought the ceviche was excellent. The space is lovely and the drink menu is great. The prices are fair (full dinner with wine and drinks for 150ish). It seems like a nice group place. I would go again with a large group if we were not primarily concerned with eating.

        2. I've eaten there 2 / 3 times, love it! Family-owned, you are always greeted like an old friend... large portions. Went there last Mother's Day and while it was full, service was still very good and not a long wait. Try it, you'll enjoy it! And not to take anything away from it, but also try Pines of Rome at 4709 Hampden Lane in Bethesda - don't be taken aback by the "decor"... great value, good food, fast service. if you go in there and the lobby is packed, you'll still usually only wait 20 or 30 minutes. You may find a lot of kids from local high schools in there during prom and homecoming season.

          1. We will definitely have to give it a shot when in the mood for a real down home red sauce night. Thanks so much for the rec.