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Nov 19, 2007 10:19 AM


Okay, I'm not sure if this goes here, the Mexico board or Home Cooking. But since rompope is a slightly alcoholic egg based liquor from Mexico I thought I'd try here first. Does anyone know what the actual alcohol content is of rompope, the (very decorative) label on the bottle I have (from Mexico) doesn't appear to have a proof or alochol content on it? I know it's less than the typical spirit or liquor, but I'm not sure how much lower the alcohol content is. I'm looking to use this in a gelatin mold, well actually as the base for a jiggly, gelatin based Xmas party shooter. TIA.

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  1. I have a mexican one at home (Coronado) with a content of 10%, and I've had one in Belize that I believe was in the low 20 percents.

    1. "Rompope" is simply the Mexican word for egg nog. As for your recipe, it sounds interesting but why not try a small batch first? Or you might get a very similar result by using a really good brand of store bought egg nog in a carton. Chances are it would be cheaper than your Mexican liqueur.

      1. I had leftover egg yolks so decided to make rompope. The recipe I found called for 96 proof alcohol. So that is what I used. Wooof! That is strong. Tasty but strong. Now what do I do with it?

        1. DD... just confirming Coronado is 10%... I don't know about the artisinal brands... my abuelita's version was made with Alcohol de Cana (nearly 190 proof or so) and I would say it was about 25% to 30% or so (an highball with some ice got you a good buzz).

          1. Okay for starters this dude needs to take the word slightly alchoholic out of his posting. The real rompope isnt even leagel to be sold in the us because its alcohol content is above us standards. I should know because my parents bought a bottle of the real stuff and snuck it back into the us and we had some around the holidays. The stuff must have been close to eighty proof because one glass was enough to knock me and my brothers on our buts drunk. The stuff they sell here in the us isnt even close to being the real mexican version.

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              Just a slight correction here. The dude is actually a dudette.

              Where did you get the idea this stuff wasn't legal in the U.S. I travle to Mexico frequently and have never had a problem bringing it back. Absinthe is illegal to bring back from Mexico but not Rompope

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                I've had several bottle that came back with me from Mex DF. Never a problem