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Nov 19, 2007 10:07 AM

brunch in philly, tgiving weekend

Will be in town for Tgiving weekend, catching up with some old friends. Would really appreciate some brunch suggestions, Saturday most likely. Thinking of Center City, Manayunk, etc--some of us coming from Cherry Hill, others from west of the city--but could be flexible. Looking for really excellent food, price not a huge consideration, and for a place that won't kick us out if we end up hanging around for a bit. We promise to tip well!
Thanks in advance--

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  1. I have enjoyed Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge. Saturday brunch isn't easy to find - but they have breakfast choices as well as their full crepe menu, plus a darn good Bloody Mary IMHO. They are big enough (and not crazy-packed like Sabrina's, etc) that they don't mind if you hang around.

    1. how large do you think your group will be?

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        while i'm waiting for a reply, i just had brunch at rembrandt's last sunday after the marathon and it was great. there were at least 25 of us and they set a room aside and most definitely did not hurry us out. i ordered the roast beef hash, and while not super hash-like, i loved it.

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          Just five of us, maybe six. No kids. Just some old friends who want to catch up...also I found a review from 6/07 which mentioned chef's choices for brunch...will post it, or at least the recs, if I can retrieve it.
          Thanks in advance!

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            i'm really into the brunch at north third in northern liberties (appropriately on 3rd st)... close to center city, easy street parking, convenient for those coming from cherry hill... i loooove their brunch; the best i've had in the city so far - the food is always well prepared (comfort food menu). french toast and omelettes are always amazing. they are a bar, too, so you can have your mimosas. it's a very casual adult environment. it's where i'll probably take my thanksgiving group for brunch as i'm sure i'll be tired of cooking by then!

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              I'm not familiar with this place. Do they have eggs benedict, and can you tell me where on third this is (between which cross streets?) . I am always looking for a place for a nice brunch, especially with the added benefit of mimosas:)) Thanks.

              1. re: mschow

                in fact, they do have eggs benedict: i can't comment on them specifically as i've never had them. in addition to that menu there's usually a whole page of specials depending on what they have on hand, i guess. it's on the corner at 3rd and brown... couple blocks north of spring garden. it's a popular neighborhood brunching spot so i recommend showing up before noon! though the crowds are nowhere near as bad as honey's sit-n-eat, and i personally think the food is worlds better. please do report back if you go!

      2. Thanks for all your suggestions!
        Unfortunately we've changed plans and are now meeting for dinner. But the ideas will not, I assure you, go unchecked...if I can get my Tgiving crew to brave the city crowds for brunch...
        Enjoy your weekends!