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Nov 19, 2007 10:02 AM

Finally Made it to Ubuntu - The Good and the Bad

I will keep this short. My wife and I went to Ubuntu for lunch and the food was good. We shared a spinach with potato salad. It could have had less potatoes and more spinach, but otherwise was very good and exceptionally beautiful in presentation. We were impressed. For the main course we shared the radich, sunchoke and turnip stew with prunes. The farro grain was tender as was the rest of the vegetables and prunes. The sauce was sweet but not in a way that was trying to cover up the vegetables, but in fact, enhanced them. Definitely worth driving up to Napa for. We have no regrets all on account of this one dish being so good. With a bottle of sparkling water, that was all we needed for lunch.

Now the bad. Butter with bread? I had to make a special request for oil and vinegar. Not what you would expect at a place that specializes in healthy vegetable dishes. I read how good the service is here, but when we went, we had three different people who served us. Also, when we asked about the dishes we got three different answers. When it came time for us to pay we ended up dealing with yet another person. It was very confusing. Overall, I would recommend going, but only for the food, and not the service.

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  1. Interesting perspective. Some of the servers seem less experienced than you would expect at a restaurant of this caliber. I've also experienced issues with the wine list; mainly being out of choices (on one visit we finally hit the jackpot on selection #3). That said, they more than make up for it with the food, but agree they should be more polished.

    1. A little butter is delicious and adds something inexplicable and wonderful. it's the abuse that is the problem. I don't think there are "bad" ingredients, just bad choices.

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        Well said,Earl Grey.

        My experience with the service was not at all as the OP described. We had excellent service - not perfect - but what is?

      2. Ubuntu doesn't claim to be a "health foods" restaurant. I don't see any contradiction in their decision to serve butter. If the bread was served with lardo that would be different...