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Nov 19, 2007 09:54 AM

CAFE HIRO, Cypress (review + pics)

Never heard of Cafe Hiro...except from this board. So when a friend suggested we go, I was enthusiastic. Thanks for the various reviews 'hounds!

It's a small place; maybe seating 24 max. But it's clean and eclectic. Each of us ordered an entree which came w/salad & soup. The salad (some lettuce, a cucumber slice & two tomato slices) was uneventful, but had a delicious creamy, ginger-flavoured dressing. I ate the salad just to consume the dressing; quite tasty. Then came soup, a very creamy, earthy cream of mushroom. I love cream of mushroom, and I loved this one very much. I thought about whether I would lick the plate if no one was looking.

Our entrees: Tuna Tartare, King Crab & Shrimp Gratin & Chilean Sea Bass on Mushroom Risotto. Unfortunately, my friends didn't share bites =( even though I offered bites of mine (no takers). I order Chilean Seabass anytime I see it on the menu, since not many places have it. I love this buttery. Here @ Cafe Hiro, it was cooked to a beautiful golden brown, while still retaining the yumminess, moistness and that Chliean Seabass mmmmmmmmmmm! Toe curling deliciousness. Anyway, the risotto was very good...but compared to the Chilean Seabass, it took a back seat.

Cafe Hiro
10509 Valley View St, Cypress, CA 90630

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  1. Last time we were there, I had the Osso Buco. I think it was braised lamb shank which someone had recommended. Good choice. Always crowded.

    1. I was hoping no one would mention this place....because its such a nice lil hidden gem. One of my favs if im in the area. Highly recommended. Never had a bad meal yet. Service can be spotty because it gets crowded, but the food is really exceptional.
      Chilean Seabass, Hamburg Steak, Osso Bucco, and the Karaage Chicken are some of my favs.