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Nov 19, 2007 09:51 AM

Bambino's Malden... What Happened???

Bambino's has been closed for a few weeks. I heard it was for non payment of taxes... does anyone know/heard anything if and when they will reopen?? I would hate to think they were not opening back up- I would be devestated if I could not get one of their house salads ever again...

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  1. As far as I know, you are right, they were closed for nonpayment of taxes. It is my understanding that they will not be reopening. On principle, I would never eat there again (not that I was a huge fan in the first place) b/c my cousin's bridal shower was scheduled to be held there 2 weeks ago. We found out 1.5 weeks before the shower that they had closed b/c my aunt happened to drive by - no one EVER called to tell anyone they were closed. Luckily we were able to book another location and contact all of the guests but if my aunt hadn't driven by we would have been SOL.

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      Sorry, I got caught up in my moral outrage and forgot to make two recommendations :) For even better Italian in the area I would suggest The Pasta Market in Malden or Abbondanza in Everett (if you haven't already tried them).

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        Also, Artichokes and Two Paisan's Pizza right in the square. Also, I have heard (haven't been) that Massimo's (sp?) on Pleasant is good.

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      1. I know and love all the other places recommended but there was no better house salad with that wonderful dressing than the Bambino's salad. Their Tequila Shrimp was also to die for... this was our old standby place, the place we could walk to on the spur of the moment we don't know what/where to eat place... we are in mourning and praying for them to pay their taxes and reopen.

        1. Yup, think it's gone for good. They FINALLY took down that little hand-lettered sign "Temporarily Closed" a few days ago and have taken down the decorations in the window. The number was disconnected several months ago. It's too bad -- I liked the food there, even though sometimes you got a surly waitress!

          I like Gaetano's and Felicia's, both in Stoneham. Also went to an AWESOME restaurant in Salem, MA the other night called Bella Verona. It's across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel. Really excellent Northern Italian food, very reasonable prices. Only drawback is no hard liquor - beer and wine only. But you can always have a cocktail at the hotel across the street. It's small, so I would suggest calling for a reservation, especially on a weekend night.

          1. Random question, but does anyone know where the cooks work now? I miss the food!

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              John Brewer's Tavern is opening in the Bambino space. It looks like it's pretty close to ready. It is a sister of the place of the same name in Waltham. Pub-type food basically.