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Nov 19, 2007 09:46 AM

Sourcing Local Farms (including meat & poultry)

I have just returned to the area and in my search to find a turkey farm to buy my Thanksgiving bird, I came across this website which allows you to search for farms in your area and by what you are looking to source.

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  1. That's a cool site...only has Rhode Island stuff, though...anyone know if there is something comparable for the Boston area?

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    1. re: kt1969

      Click on Boston on the map at the top right. The list is not complete, though, and doesn't say whether each farm sells its own stuff or imports from some other farm. For example, Wilson Farms sells some of their own produce but also produce (and dairy and eggs) from other producers, local and perhaps not-so local.

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        Did you change the search zone? I put in my own zip code and got all the Boston-area farms.

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          FYI I'm on Cape and put in Hyannis and it took me to a Turkey Farm in Sandwich! Can't get much more local unless I start raising my own poultry!

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            Thanks, you guys....I'm a dope. :)

        2. Another great place to check out is Green Acres Farm in Hamilton. It is a co-op you can buy into and you get a sahre of the farm's bounty. The website is Worth a look.

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            thanks for the great lead. i buy my beef from River Rock farm (love it!) but have been wondering where else to find local. I appreciate the info.

          2. I've said this often enough to sound like a broken record, but Tendercrop Farm in Newbury on Rte.1A North has organic/all natural meats of every description for sale.
   Also, their own veggies and fruit in season. Fun trip for the children too.