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Nov 19, 2007 09:30 AM

All clad stainless 12 qt stock pot - is the same pot in the multi-cooker?

I'm registering, and looking at stock pots. The 12 quart All Clad stainless is ideal, I think, but also much more than I am looking to ask people to spend (I think about $350). There's a multi-cooker in the same line, that includes a 12-quart stock pot, for about $120. Is this the same pot? Seems to me like it couldn't be, but I'm not sure what else it would be.

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    Looks like the multi is a smaller version of their 'aluminum disk bottom' stockpots. They have aluminum only on the bottom of the pot. Not all the way up the sides like their more expensive line of truly 'all-clad' stockpots.

    Next question, would this make a difference cooking on a 12 quart pot? How do people feel about cooking with one style of stockpot vs. the other?

    1. I have the 12 quart multi cooker, as well as many other pieces of All Clad. The multi cooker is not the same as their "regular" All Clad. It's a heavy piece but that's more due to the height than anything else. As Romanmk stated, it has a heavy bottom only; the cladding does not go all the way up the sides to the top of the pot.

      That being said, we use it for large batches of soup and like it very much. We paid around $99 for it on amazon a few years ago.

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        Would the lack of cladding on the sides of the pot actually be an advantage? Once the stock is done, don't you want to be able to cool it off quickly to prevent bacteria from growing? I sometimes put my stockpot into the sink filled with water to bring down the temp of the contents so I can strain and store as quickly as possible.