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Nov 19, 2007 09:18 AM

Another GBC question, canned or frozen

I know, I know... fresh is best. Lets put that aside, it is not going to happen this year.

I have always used canned green beans for green bean casserole, but a couple of recipies I perused said frozen were better. Considering how friends and family feel about changing things in a "traditional" dinner, should I even consider changing to frozen? Or is this sort of like the ridges on the cranberry sauce?

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  1. I wouldn't change it. People complain if you mess with standards. We offer the canned w/rings cran as well as a tasty whole cran dish I make which is much better, and often people take a little of both.

    1. If you do have picky traditionalists you should use canned but overall frozen green beans are really great quality; sometimes even better than most fresh you get in grocery stores. I prefer frozen as I can't stand mushy green beans and if you just do a quick blanch on the frozen ones and add it to the casserole I think it tastes much better. There are those traditionalists who really like the canned bean as it provides the soft bean to crispy onion contrast. Were you planning to make it using canned soup have no salt which is used for the canning process.

      1. thanks for the replies. it wasn't a real traditional group, so i went with a mix of half frozen and half canned. there was also a fair amount of crumbled bacon, carmelized onion, a lot of roasted garlic, and sauted mushrooms - of course with the french fried onion thingies on top. Seemed to go over fairly well, not much leftovers.