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Santa Monica Seafood A.K.A. 10th St. Cafe

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Does anyone know exactly what is going on here? 10th St. Cafe opens today in Santa Monica (the old Carl's Jr. place) and wondering if anyone went to a "soft opening" or anything?

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  1. Haven't been yet but just got an e-mail from SM Seafood. Link to their menu:


    At least the seafood quality should be good - I hope the really know how to prepare it.

    1. Ate there today and had the crab cake sandwich special. It was a lump crab cake (not fried) and was very tasty and fresh. This place is open by the Santa Monica Seafood Company (which supplies fish for a lot of the restaurants in the area), so it has a great fish supplier. The only downside is that the atmosphere is as bland as can be. I'll definitely go back though!