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Nov 19, 2007 08:24 AM

Buying Wild Mushrooms in Pittsburgh

I'm headed home for Thanksgiving and can't think of where I would look for wild mushrooms besides Whole Foods (where I imagine they cost a fortune if they have them at all). Any tips? In particular I'm looking for chanterelles. I may just carry some with me from Philly anyway but it would be simpler to get them in Pittsburgh if possible.


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  1. The various venders in the Strip District will have plenty of produce – including wild mushrooms. Try Wholey’s (on 17th and Penn). They’re the closest thing to a full service grocery store in the Strip. I’m uncertain if Stan’s Market (19th and Penn) or Bill’s Produce (18th and Smallman) will have what you want but it's worth a try. There’s also the Lotus Food Market (17th and Penn). All mentioned are in close proximity. I feel confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at a fraction of the price you’ll pay at Whole Foods.

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    1. re: NoHun

      Bill's Produce has been closed for almost a year-- or longer, I can't remember.

      I would try Lotus Foods, the Asian Market across the street from Wholey's, (which is no cheaper than the Giant Eagle when it comes to produce, BTW), for cheap enoki, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms for under $2 a pound.

      1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

        Moved from Pittsburgh close to 2 years ago so my Strip District shopping isn’t as frequent as it used to be. I appreciate the update and correction, Greyhoundgrrl.

    2. I would try the strip- Stan's may have themthey're pretty good- Coosemans will almost always have them, but you can always call first.

      Pittsburgh Produce Terminal
      17th & Smallan Streets POB 115
      Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0115
      Les Ainsman

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        I'm in Stan's once a week and I haven't seen much there recently in the way of fresh 'shrooms except button and portabellos.

        Don't know where you are located, but Market District in Bethel Park has a decent variety - I know I've seen oyster, shittake and morels there. Not sure about enokis or chantarelles. So I'd guess other Market District stores would have them - maybe some bigger Giant Eagles as well.

      2. You can also try the East End Food Co-Op which sells locally grown mushrooms from "Mushrooms for Life" of Indiana, PA.

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        1. re: PghJen

          "Mushrooms for Life" (Jonathan Cingota) is excellent, if a bit pricey. Call him directly - 724-599-2405.