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Vermont-looking for inn with great food

My wife and I are planning a trip-a couple days in NYC then hopping a train to Vermont. We've never been there before and are wondering if anyone can recommend a great inn with great views and fantastic food.

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  1. When is it you're planning to go? I could make a difference on where folks recommend. :)

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      I really enjoy the Rabbit Hill Inn.

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        The Rabbit Hill Inn is the only restaurant at which my wife and I actually ordered three desserts. It is five-star and worth the trip!

    2. We go to Woodstock, Vermont every year. There is a beautiful inn there, The Jackson House and they have a great restaurant. What is also in the next town (very close by) is Simon Pearce. Simon Pearce is beautiful blown glass, you can see how it is made there and also buy some if you'd like. They have a great restaurant right by a big waterfall. Both places have websites you can check out. Good luck! Have fun!

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        I second that! Woodstock is beautiful, Went to Jackson House a few years back(chef was written up in Food And Wine and worthy of all the praise he got). Did the chef's tasting menu- pricey at $200 each without wine, but excellent, local and creative.

      2. Will you have a car?
        I'd suggest either the 1824 House Inn
        The Pitcher Inn

        Both are in the Mad River Valley. The former is in Waitsfield on Rt 100, the latter is in Warren, just a smidge off of Rt 100. Both have top notch food - although I favour the food at 1824 House personally (and the atmosphere). However, if you want to really impress (and shell out a few extra bucks), make reservations for the wine cellar at The Pitcher Inn - very romantic atmosphere. They leave you alone, yet give very attentive and personalized service. It'll be you and your guest(s) in the room, and no one else.

        You won't go wrong at either.

        I don't know which has better inn service.

        From there - you can go to Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, up to Stowe to check out various handicrafts like glass-blowing, or over to Burlington to walk Church St and the like. You could visit breweries, cheese farms, or hike on trails to waterfalls, etc. Bunch of things to do.

        I guess it would help to know where in VT you are hopping a train to - and if you are getting a rental car or some mode of transport. It would also be good to know when you are planning to visit (as mentioned) because some spots are better than others depending on time of year.

        1. If you are getting off the train in Rutland, Mountaintop Inn in Chittenden has great views, but the food at the Red Clover Inn in Mendon is better, and it is cozy and less discovered.

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            I would recommend the Mountain Top Inn, great NE food choices, great rooms, horse drawn carriage rides, sledding, cross country skiing, a great place to stay and eat.

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              Sadly, the Red Clover Inn has been sold, and it is not clear what is happening next.

              I do think the Mountain Top Inn has much to offer, especially if they have enticed a great chef, or have given the current chef some creative latitude.

              In the past, the outstanding view has been a compensation for the food, but it would be great to enjoy both at the same time.

            2. I unreservedly recommend the Blueberry Hill Inn, not far from Middlebury: www.blueberryhillinn.com. Absolutely elegant food, complimentary cheeses (and good ones!) during cocktail hour, superb atmosphere and scenery: not to be missed.

              1. Check out The Inn at Weathersfield in Perkinsville (just south of Woodstock). Excellent restaurant and very comfortable rooms. Great wine cellar and their chef has won all sorts of awards. They focus on local foods and really do it right - the 5 course tasting menu is great. Also The Inn at Weston - rooms are more 'posh' than Weathersfield - they have a new chef (and I haven't eaten there recently) but they have a solid reputation.

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                  The Norwich Inn in Norwich Vermont is nice.
                  There is two choices for dining.
                  The pub has nice food and they also make their
                  own beer in the onsite brewery.

                2. Friends of mine stay every year at the Green Granite Inn in Stowe VT. They rave about the place!

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                    Never heard of Green Granite.... you may mean Green Mountain???

                  2. The woodstock inn, mountaintop inn and bluberry hill are all great. I have experianced them all. Blue berry hill is very intimate. However if food is what you really care about, nothing can beat the Inn at Essex. The New England Culinary Institute is located there. There is a fabulous fine dining (pre fix) restaurant as well as a tavern. More than both of those options or in addition to, they have a fabulous private kitchen. You can have a private dinner there or take a culinary class in the afternoon. It is very intimate and worth every penny. I highly recommend it as a destination culinary experiance in vermont. Check out the inn at essex website for details. www.vtculinaryresort.com

                    ps a day trip to simon pierce while you are here is also worth the travel

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                      I've heard (but not experienced for myself) that the brunch at Butler's at the Inn at Essex is fantastic, and well worth it, but other meals can be hit or miss. :) I waaannnaaa do brunch! :)

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                        Yeah... there brunch is GREAT! try the holiday brunch, though, that is even better. I have personally been to the Culinary Theater there, where Chef Courtney Contos reigns supreme. Her food is amazing, her personality is even better. I would go to Vermont from timbuktu just to eat in her kitchen,

                    2. The Echo Lake Inn in Ludlow is very nice. We go there for Christmas dinner and is it a nice romantic setting and delicious dinner.

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                        Agreed- the staff there always treats you like your a regular...They were also very accomodating with a dinning companion's dietary restriction(and there were many- no gluten, no dairy, no red meat.) They made a special, creative entree for her but didn't make her feel like she was being a pain...

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                          Update on Echo Lake Inn. We had dinner for six there in late December. The owner and wait staff are warm, welcoming, just as chatty as you like, but the service and setting are like a small European inn. World class food. Amazing fresh salmon chowder. delicious entrees, and a warm dark chocolate dessert that is the most amazing flavor you can imagine. I can't remember what they call it, but, it was rich without being too sweet and tasted like wine. A wonderful evening. The rooms are charming, but we havn't stayed there. Dont miss it.

                        2. The Inn at Sawmill Farms in WEst Dover, VT is quite exquisite and the food is great.

                          1. The corners inn in bridgewater vt has incredible food and is not far from woodstock.

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                              We've done both the Inn at Sawmill and the Corners Inn this past Fall;both are outstanding.
                              You won't go wrong with either place.
                              Good Eating!

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                                In Quechee, The Inn at Marshland Farm is good for a Vermont experience but don't miss Simon Peirce for Lunch and th Parker House for Dinner.
                                (Their room are eclectic and gorgeous too)

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                                  I've eaten at the bar at the Corners Inn in Bridgewater a number of times. The prices are reasonable compared to Killington or Woodstock and their food quality is better than 90% of the tourist trap places on the Killington access road. They do a ton of locals business which speaks well to the quality and price point.

                              2. As a Vermonter and a frequent diner, I was decidedly unimpressed with the Rabbit Hill Inn. They put on great airs, but don't deliver exceptional food. The Inn at Wethersfield is a much better choice, and is very committed to local, sustainable food that is inventively prepared (the owners are nicer folks, too.)
                                If you're willing to travel a bit farther afield (to Quebec), there's a fantastic inn and restaurant in North Hatley. The Manoir Hovey has some of the best food I've had outside of major cities like New York and Tokyo, and the inn is lovely, romantic, and very peaceful in the winter.
                                Good luck!

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                                  I completely concur on Manoir Hovey: we stayed there a few winters ago (skiing was, unfortunately, dreadful that weekend) and the food is exceptional.