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Nov 19, 2007 08:17 AM

Thanksgiving Weekend in West Palm Area

I know it's late but my family just decided to go out to dinner for Thanksgiving Eve. Are there any recommendations for a dinner in the West Palm Area? There will be four people so hopefully we will be able to get reservations.

We are also looking for recommendations to try for dinner over the weekend. In particular a good seafood, Chinese, Italian and unique dining experience restaurant. We would be willing to drive up to 30 minutes for a good meal.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Well, see... my hubby decided last Thursday we needed a weekend away and we went spent the past several days in Palm Beach. So:
    Friday night, we went to Cafe Boulud. Being restaurants "snobs" (not purposely) from Chicago we had very high expectations.
    We had dinner at Boulud's restaurant at the Wynn in Vegas and they had the best frickin cheese plate that I ever enjoyed, so that being my reasoning, I ordered a beet salad with gorgonzola as my first course. And it was devine. Seriously, though it sounds like an "oridinary" dish, I could have eaten a bushel of it, it was just that good. Hubby had some spring roll/peanut thing which reminded me of Le Colonial on rush street in chicago. anyhoo.
    For my entree, I ordered the bone-in pork chop off of the special menu. Hubby ordred the short-rib ravioli (because fatty beef and pasta cant be bad). Hubbies ravioli was great only when paired with the cherry tomatoes that were part of the dish (you really needed some acid to cut that fatty/carb taste).
    We met the marketing director for Daniel at the bar after dinner and she shared her foie gras with me and overall, she was very much fun to talk too. She was knowlegeable too.
    We ordered desert: he had coconut sorbet which was that. I ordered their "special" chocolate souffle and it was devine. Better than Morton's (original) which prior to that was my fave souffle. Ever.
    We had a bottle of dom,. which is always great and the wine service was fabulous.
    Overall, best FL dinner ever. Great menu.
    So, second night: we did "The Restaurant" at our resort, the Four Seasons. For my first course I had "organic greens" with truffle dressing which looked boring from the top (and I had a choice of dressings, but heard truffle and picked that right off). Once I dug into it, it had very fresh tomatoe, avocado and cuke buried perfectly inside.
    My second course, was a great surprise and it was one of my 'top 20' favorite things I have ever ordered, if not in my "top 10". It was goat cheese in paper with a crispy sweet noodle on top, citrus sauce... wow. I could have eaten nothing but that.
    Service was great too. Beyond great, actually. We drank cristal, which was my first ever bottle of that and it was good (though I dom better...and if i'm being straight, i like moet's white star just as well!)
    Being honest, my main course at "the restaurant" was not so good. i ordered poached lobster with prawns on sage fettucinnni. The lobster was WAY overcooked, rubbery beyond yuck. The prawns were "meh??" . The sage in the pasta tasted like sea-water. .... I'm not trying to be harsh, it was just that. BUT, did I mention that my second course was phenomenal?
    I was looking for a trifecta on souffle so I ordered that for desert and it was ... ok.
    Overall: great, phenomal sevice. And overall, great food. I'd go back just for the goat cheese!
    We later decided to extend our stay and went to Jensen Beach to visit friends. We went to Conch Joe's.
    I had Alaskan King Crab which took a lifetime to get, but were done great. My salad was 2 parts "bleu cheese" 1/2 part lettuce (which is good in my book). Great bread basket. I didn't touch my potatoe at dinner though (actually i gave it to my daughter to feed to the catfish which she giggled about like mad). Overall: service #3, food - great greasy spoon seafood shack. Hubby took home his "forgotten appetizer that never got rung in" -- blue crab with mustard (then he asked for marinara) and he really enjoyed it.
    Other than that, we ate mostly at the Four Seasons: room service (blah!) or their pool/beach side restaurants (blah!) .
    Well I guess we did have "pizza" at a pizzeria on Worth Ave that we biked to with our rentals. Being from Chicago, the Great Land of Pizza, it was not so good. At all.
    Overall though, a great place to visit during the winter months!!