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Nov 19, 2007 07:55 AM

Crispo-Need Recommendations on Menu

I am having a dinner for 16 people at Crispo. Due to our party size we will order off of a price fixed menu. We have a few vegetarians in our group. Any recommendations on what to choose for our appetizer and main dish? I get to pick 4 for each course then the guests can choose which one they each want. Thanks.

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  1. For the vegetarians, my favorite dish is the pappardelle w/mushroom ragu. I think pastas are most reliable--love the carbonara and the spaghetti and meatballs. For apps, truffled ricotta is great, bone marrow, rice balls...

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      I heart the spag & in town, IMO.

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        Just went again last night. Spaghetti and meatballs and pappardelle were on the specials menu again--both great. Started with an endive salad, which was fine, and the octopus, which was surprisingly good. The restaurant was surprisingly crowded for a Monday night.

      2. We went Friday night (me for the first time) and I had the gnocchi (with duck, arugula, cheese, tomato). Companions had the pork shoulder and steak entrees. Everything was delicious. We didn't order any apps.

        1. should i not be taking my large group here? everyone says the food is good but i'm getting very mixed reviews on this place.

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            I think Crispo is a safe bet for a large should please both inexperienced and seasoned palates. Honestly, there will always be a negative review about any restaurant you don't let that sway you too much.

          2. I've had the chicken alla diavola several times and was quite happen with it. For an appetizer, I recommend the anchovies.

            1. Just celebrated my b-day here and had a very good meal. For the price and nice atmosphere you can't beat it. My favorites were the fresh mozzerella, spag. carbonara, gnocchi, anything veal....and the gelati was some of the best around. Not the best meal I have ever had, but a great all around place. I would go back for sure. And for a group, you can't beat it.

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                If I were you I would talk with them and ask their advice about which are the most popular vegetarian dishes.
                I will be there Saturday night myself and will try to find out what they think.
                Actually, you cannot lose for winning there, no matter what you get.