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Nov 19, 2007 07:37 AM

recommendations for an anniversary dinner - a romantic spot that will not disappoint?

i am looking for a solid restaurant that will not disappoint for my anniversary dinner. i am aware of the usual special occasion spots in the city - gramercy tavern, bouley, one if by land... - but don't really want to spend an arm and a leg. that being said, i am fine to spend around $200 when it's all said and done. i've been considering the river cafe, annisa and blue hill. any other suggestions? i'd like a nice romantic ambiance and good, flavorful food.
thank you!

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  1. This may be more chic then romantic but we love Telepan on the UWS. Wonderful and you could stay in your price range. You may want to look into Aureole as well but it would be straining the 200 range.

    1. Fleur de Sel is one of our favs. Chef/owner Cyril Renaud's contemporary French cuisine is always delicious, the wine list is excellent, service is professional, and the small, cozy space has lovely decor.

      Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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        We love to spend a romantic dinner at Apizz on the LES. Tucked away on a dark street, warm wood burning over that gives the 12 table restaurant a warm glow and delicious Italian food as well. Order a nice bottle of Brunello and you will be in romantic heaven.

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          Here is the place that I, myself spent my anniversary dinner.

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            Wow - those prix fixe menus look like a great deal (not nec. for the OP's anniversary, of course). Have you tried them? Thanks!

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              Not yet I haven't because there were other things I wanted to order not included on the prix fixe, but I do agree that it is a wonderful deal.
              We've been there 7 times so far and tend to take friends who visit us to this restaurant because it is delicious, affordable and "safe."
              So far everyone has flipped for it.

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            I was going to suggest Apizz too. I had a very romantic dinner there with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. And I am still thinking of their short ribs with gnocchi - it was amazing.

        2. Of the three on your list, I've been to Annisa and Blue Hill, and Annisa was very romantic. There's something about the subdued, intimate setting that was just lovely. And the
          At Blue Hill in the city, the food was excellent, but the tables are so close together that we were too conscious of our neighbors' loud conversation (on one side) and stony silence (on the other) to truly enjoy the experience.
          Second Fleur de Sel, as well.

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            We just had a lovely dinner last night at Fleur de Sel; the food, service – a very helpful staff from the top down - and ambiance were all very good. However, the OP asked for a place for $200, with drinks (we only had one) and gratuity we were over that amount, but it’s definitely recommended.

          2. I've only been to Gramercy Tavern (not since the new chef) and The River Cafe. I'd also suggest Degustation which only has bar seating but it's small and romantic. We've been to Degustation and The River Cafe a few times this year. They are both romantic with very good service and delicious food. The food at Degustation was more innovative. We preferred the food at Falai (small, ambience NOT romantic) over Degustation.

            1. The Little Owl is a sweet little romantic spot.