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Nov 19, 2007 07:27 AM

Great food near Kierland Commons?

Will be taking my husband out for his birthday dinner in early December on a Sat. night and we'll be staying at a hotel near Kierland Commons. Any recommendations for a great place near there? French food would be a plus.

We've eaten at Zinc Bistro several times and love it, but I was thinking of trying for someplace new. I'd prefer a stand alone place, not in a hotel if possible. Has anyone tried Muze Lounge? I get the emails from the owner, but haven't been there (went to his old locations called Fosters).


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  1. I would recommend Voltaire in Scottsdale (although I have never personally been) based on the positive recommendations of several locals I know visit as well as positive things I've read on this board. It is about 10 miles south of Kierland.

    Seth Chadwick will likely chime in here and give his props.

    1. There is actually a great restaurant in the Westin Keirland called Deseo which offers Latin influenced food and specializes in ceviche. It's different and very good. The Greene House is in Keirland Commons, and is very good, as well. It's a Fox restaurant, but I think the only one. It serves staightforward, California cuisine.

      I can't think of another French restaurant near there other than Zinc (which is great).

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        I second Deseo, but have not dined at Greene House. Last time at Deseo was for the James Beard Award dinner, and it was excellent ++.


        [EDIT] Link to Deseo doesn't want to take, but then that feature is a "beta," so I suppose that I cannot complain.

        1. I'll chime in on Muze and tell you that the one time I was there it was a major drunkfest hotspot for girls and guys looking for a great time. It also features the random celeb athletes.

          Lots of fun and great people watching, but I can't say it struck me as a food spot or a birthday spot. Just my opinion based on my one visit.

          French isn't tres popular in Phoenix, so besides Zinc, Voltaire would be the closest.

          Deseo IS amazing and close by too, but in a hotel.

          Let us know which direction, if any, you are willing to travel to find a place, and we can narrow down our recomendations? The next closest French would be in Cave Creek or the Camelback corridor (15 miles to either), so can you choose another fav cuisine?

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            I'm not fond of hotels, either, but I never let that deter me from a great restaurant, and I add my vote to Deseo. I ate there alone, happily, several times while attending a conference at the otherwise-bland Westin.

          2. Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I ended up making a reservation at Binkleys which I realized was really not that far from our hotel. We might end up going to Muze for lunch the next day just so I can finally check it out after getting so many emails from the owner's email list about the new place.

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              Was also looking for somewhere in that area to get my sister/brother-in-law a restaurant gift certificate for the holidays. Got them one for the Ocean Club last year and they enjoyed it. Any other suggestions? Deseo sounds like a possibility. They've been to Zinc a few times; would like to find them something new and different.

              1. re: markabauman

                All things considered, we've had great meals at Deseo's under two chefs. That is where I'd look.