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Nov 19, 2007 07:26 AM

Has Mateos Closed?

We eat frequently at Mateos Mexican Restaurant near Oak Park Blvd. on Montrose. For the past several weeks the phone has not been answered and the place is dark with mail piled up in the lobby. This weekend we find the phone has been disconnected with no further information available. Anybody know where Mateos has gone, or if they're gone for good?

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    1. re: rubinow

      Yes, unfortunately, that is the disconnected number I mentioned.

      Does anyone know where Mateos has gone?

    2. Two weeks ago, when I went there to eat, it was closed. My father in law has known Matteo and the family for some time. They ate there about 2 months ago, and he said that Matteo was very ill. But when we drove by on a Saturday night at 8:00, the place was dark. One could only assume.....

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      1. re: jeffro

        I hope this is not another case of a business man failing to pay his taxes to the local black hand.

      2. This is a tragedy! Where am I going to get my ribs from? Gale Street has a great rack but oddly enough, Mateo's seriously had the best I've had in the Chicagoland and surrounding area. This news ruined my year. I drove past not too long ago and saw they were closed, I was hoping that this was just something temporary. :(

        1. Found this post at Yelp in April 2013 - I am not a yelper so cannot respond or email Oscar but I'd be more than thrilled if Mateos ever reopened.

          ""Hello, I am part of the family of Mateo (deceased) and yes unfortunately we had to close due to family disagreements. I myself miss the enchiladas suizas and the camuch. I have my grandma make this for me because it was her that created every item on the menu. having her at such an advanced age makes me want to keep the recipes in the family and continue to make great food. Even though I am a teen now, I have made it my goal on reopening this restaurant.

          Proof that I am part of the family? Lets talk.""