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Nov 19, 2007 07:19 AM

Fried pickles in DC??

I moved from Charlotte and am dying to find a place that serves fried pickles. Any suggestions??

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  1. There's a dive bar right across from the 9:30 club that has them on the menu. I can't think of the name of the place but we were with friends who ordered them. They said that typically they are the chip-sized pickles but this bar fried the spears. They enjoyed them but I found them odd (although it was my first time trying fried pickles).

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      To follow-up, the place I was talking about is Duffy's:

    2. They have them at Nanny O'Brian's in Cleveland Park. I know, Irish Pub, but they satisfy the need.

      1. I know that Hooters has them and they have a restaurant on 7th Street NW. If you get out of the District, Del Merei Grill in the Arlandia section of Alexandria and Southside 815 in Old Town Alexandria both have fried pickles.

        1. Del Merei Grill on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Alexandria is famous for their frickles: lightly fried pickle chips served with a spiced remoulade. The rest of the menu is good too!

          1. Its not in city of DC, but Old Hickory Grille on Hwy 50 in Falls Church has them. Food there is good. They have a Cajun theme of sorts.

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              Acadiana has them and the rest of the food is pretty good also.