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Nov 19, 2007 06:49 AM

Best Place to Dine out on Thanksgiving?

I'm looking for a great place to dine on Thanksgiving day. I'm new to the area and have no family or close friends here yet.



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  1. I think Clyde's has a Thanksgiving dinner (not 100%) sure though. Also perhaps the Majestic.

    1. There are a ton of threads on this already. You should do a search here and see what is still available on

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        Or, maybe think about being adventurous and striking out for ethnic places that don't do the tradititional turkey and trimmings? I'm thinking Ethopian first, since DC is known for that (Etete, Dukem, Queen Makeda), but Thai, Chinese and Korean are options. You might not feel as lonely in a place that isn't packed with families enjoying traditional American food. All of the Smithsonians will be open, and most are fairly empty on Thanksgiving Day. You can treat yourself to an exhibit or two (ever been to Air and Space when it's not packed with kids?) before your meal.

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          Yes definitely use the search this board feature and open table. I would also suggest looking at the Washington Post's online Food and Dining Section as it has a nice article on this, as well.