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Nov 19, 2007 03:47 AM

Bulk Chocolate?

I'm planning on making over 60 gourmet caramel apples for co-workers this year on XMAS. But I cannot find any quality bulk chocolate (dark and white). I'm also looking for good bulk caramel. Don't really want to use any commerical brands (Werthers, Hershey's, etc.). Anyone know where I can find some in the Los Angeles area? Thanks

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      If you know anyone with a account at Jetro on Jefferson, they have great prices on Callebaut Chocolate and they might have caramel. Surfas for sure has what u want.

      1. re: Diana

        And if you go into the store, you'll find bags of "broken chocolate bars" from Dagoba and some of the other chocolate makers. Essentially, these are the "factory seconds" or the "ugly, but tasty" products that come at a discount. If you're just melting down chocolate, they're fine.

      2. This is probably way out of your way but Calico Cake Shop sells Guittard in one pound bags... dark, milk, white and several colors. A great little place and cheap too.

        Calico Cake Shop
        7321 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA

        1. There is a place in North Hollywood, The Candy Factory 818-766-8220

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          1. re: Burger Boy

            I have been to The Candy Factory countless times. They will have all you want and then some. Just note that in the past the only caramel was sold as a 5lb log. I also found the white chocolate needs vegetable chips to thin out so, make sure you get a bag of those too. KQ

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              I've never been in, but now I shall go!

            2. re: Burger Boy

              Do they have the higher end chocolates like Callebaut?

              1. re: Debbie W

                Dunno about candy factory, but Surfas does.

            3. Try Trader Joe's.