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Nov 18, 2007 11:09 PM

[SEATTLE] shabu shabu?

During a recent trip to Boston, I went to their chinatown area and really enjoyed shabu zen. So just wondering, where's a good shabu shabu restaurant in seattle or surrouding areas?

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  1. Bush Garden has it.
    I haven't tried it so I cannot comment on the quality.

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    1. re: equinoise

      Haven't had it in about a year, but last time I did I enjoyed the shabu shabu at Bush Garden. They did pretty decent sukiyaki as well.

      Agreed that sichuan hot pots are also worth checking out locally. Sichuanese Cuisine (Lo Sichuan) at 12th & Jackson is also my favorite. Szechuan Chef in Bellevue is a close second.

    2. Sichuan at 12th and Jackson has great hot pots -- a Chinese equivalent of shabu shabu that's pretty darned good. Large divided pots with two types of broth -- one spicy, one not, and plenty of sliced meat, tofu, veggies and tripe (if you want it -- I don't).

      Now that you mention it, with Pho so popular here, it's odd there aren't more prominent shabu shabu spots. They'd be great in the cold wet winters we get here.

      1. Warabi has shabu shabu. Ribeye $16.50 or Premium ribeye $35 per person with a 2 person minimum.

        I haven't tried it so I can't vouch but they've gotten some good press and have good yelp reviews. If anyone has tried it please share.

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          I am a bit naiive on this. Can someone provide a brief tutorial about the difference between shabu, sukyaki and similar chinese hot pot?