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Nov 18, 2007 09:59 PM

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

First, a hearty thanks to all here. The new GF is dazzled with the food selections I have come up with as a result of this site.

She is from New York and is longing for a grilled cheese-and-tomato slice sandwich, served in a New York diner type of place. I've searched the boards and have found references to the sandwiches at Meltdown and Surfas, but neither place seems right. Anywhere from Robertson west to the water would be nice. If the combination of the sandwich and the diner don't exist here, I'll take straight sandwich recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. I too am very specific about my grilled cheese...has to be loaded with pickle chips and have never found anything like it on a menu but any place that serves a grilled cheese will gladly load my sandwich up with them when I ask. I would suggest finding a cool diner and tlak with them before you take her there, I'm sure they would love to assist in your GF taste memory.

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      John O'Groats on Pico in West L.A. does a good grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Not a New York style diner but a family owned place that does breakfast and lunch.

    2. If there is a place in town that can do a grilled cheese that will make your gf swoon then Clementine in Century City is probably it. The have a grilled Vermont cheddar sandwich on their regular menu, but I am certain they would customize something for you.

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        Oh, I'd second that -- the Clementine that temporarily took up residence in the Hammer Museum produced some of the best grilled cheese I've ever tasted.

        Also: Overland Cafe in Palms has a pretty great one, and their fries are outstanding too.

        Also: Doughboys does a grilled cheese on pan de mie that will feed you for days.

      2. FOOD on Pico has a great grilled cheese. Not sure if there's tomato in it, but I am sure they will add it if you want.

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          This won't be the traditional sandwich you expect, but I highly recommend going to grilled cheese night at Campanile. Every Thursday night they have a special grilled cheese menu with at least half a dozen, some very fun and interesting and I'm guessing they have a tomato one (can't remember -- haven't been for a while).

          The Coffee Table in Silverlake also has a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich which is solidly good.

        2. S & W on Washington in Culver City has the diner thing down pat. I'm positive they would grill you a cheese with tomato, in the old downhome style, with or without pickles inside. Also a choice of cheeses. Get their fantastic hashbrowns on the side, ordered crispy. And note that it is cash only.

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            Enthusiastic second of S&W. They have grill cheese w/tomato on the menu. It gets worse (or better) you can also get it with BACON! Soooo good. S&W is a diner, cash only, great waitresses (although quite a few look like starlets, they are some of the best wait staff in LA.) They're only open for breakfast/lunch. I've never had anything I didn't like there EXCEPT for the biscuits and gravy which are disgusting (I think they've never tasted biscuits before, these taste like cake.) Everything else there is delicious.

            S & W Country Diner
            9748 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

          2. It's admittedly not really "diner" style, but if your girlfriend likes grilled cheese sandwiches then you MUST take her to Campanile's grilled cheese night (every Thursday night).