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Nov 18, 2007 09:46 PM

Favorite meals at Whole Foods?

So finally went to the new Whole Foods in El Segundo - pretty wide selection of food, from Brazilian to Sushi to Mexican, Pizza and sandwiches - and looked like it could be a good alternative to going to a restaurant, more low-key etc..hell, they even have a wine bar. So definitely impressed. What do people here think about the meals? Any favorites, should not be missed kind of items? Any interesting finds? Again, I'm looking for a ready-to-eat stuff - either made to order or pre-packaged.

Thanks all!

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  1. I just had a great cheeseburger at the Glendale Whole Foods

    1. I LOVE the seasame tofu sticks in the deli! YUMMY! I also find the pizza pretty nice (the one in Pasadena, anyhow).

      1. I like their spicy shrimp sushi (in soy pocket), and my son likes meatballs from the hot food section. I've tried many items from the cold deli case (lots of tofu, salads...) ....don't like any of them. Ask for tasting before you buy.

        1. Just went to the new one yesterday on Arroyo in Pasadena. How can one have a favorite when it's so incredibly overwhelming. I went to the fish market upstairs and the chap behind the counter offered up tastes of SMOKED shrimp, indian candy (Salmon) and that unbelievably great oily smoked cod. Then I turned around to find the seafood soup bar. OH that shrimp bisque! I bought lump crab meat today at TJ's that I will add to that amazingly fattening creamy bisque. With a drop of sherry, wow! a Thanksgiving starter. Then I mosied over to the wine and tapas bar, and the pizza bar, and the 3 rows of salad/olive/dessert bar - pumpkin creme brulee!!?? And, tastes of Appenzeller cheese, and one w/cranberry and....on and, your question was??,,,,,,,,,,,

          1. I had a "Pumpkin Square" last week from the bakery at the Glendale store. It was basicly a slice of pumpkin pie in a square shape and it was without any pumpkin or spice flavor. The nutty crust was nice but I was very disappointed otherwise.