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May 25, 2006 06:20 PM


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I am not sure where this thread belongs so I am posting here and on the California Board. I am going to Sonoma and Santa Rosa for a night and wanted a great Place for Dinner. I have been to Cafe La Haye and Della Santina's a number of times. I was wondering if I am missing anything special. Any ideas are welcome. I am traveling with my wife and we will have dinner alone.

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  1. Discussions about Sonoma (town and county) belong on the San Francisco board. Most seem to agree that the Generals Daughter is the #1 dinner place in that town, although I haven't been there in a few years.

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      Just a note Mick, the ownership changed last spring and there is a new chef there.

    2. This is the correct board. A few places to try that I like in order of preference

      - The General's Daughter

      - La Salette

      - the girl & the fig

      IMO, The General's Daughter is the prettiest room. It is Cal Cuisine with a Southern touch. The chef took some time off in January to work with Gary Danko.

      La Salette is Cal Portuguese. They have a great selection of ports, madeiras and Portugues wines. The rice pudding hot from the wood-burning oven and fragrant with cinnamon is amazing.

      Has a wonderful wine list and I love their fig & port ice cream. They have a nice little cheese selection. Just noticed the menu list piave which I've been meaning to try.

      Can't help you with Santa Rosa, but put it in the title so it will catch the attention of others.

      Have fun. Hope you report back on whatever you choose.

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        If you'd like to go to Santa Rosa, try John Ash's restaurant (url below). 30 years ago, I had a meal at his old restaurant that I still remember today as one of my all-time faves - better than anything I'd ever had at French Laundry or Chez Panisse.


        1. re: Claudette

          Note that John Ash has not been involved with the restaurant for many years.

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            John Ash is way overrated. I've had a couple of mediocre meals in a row there (for the price). The current chef has no vision at all. The best the guy came up with is a Salmon & Pancetta club sandwich.... yawwwwwwn.

            I would recommend Cafe St. Rose for the gritty, urban panache and promising food over John Ash any day.

            Graffitti in Petaluma is far better, imo, than John Ash as well.

        2. General's Daughter in Sonoma is good, though pricey. Order the onion rings (not on the menu) with blue cheese.

          John Ash has gone down hill. I've eaten there twice in the past three years, and been disappointed both times.

          On the Sonoma Plaza, try the Swiss Hotel or Girl and the Fig. Or, drive a bit and try The Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen or the Kenwood Restaurant.

          1. Zin in Healdsburg is definitely worth a visit. We ate there recently for the first time and everything was wonderful. They make their own bacon and it was delicious.

            Girl and the Fig has the best hamburger I've ever eaten.

            Both are places where I would return...eagerly!


            1. The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville, just north of Santa Rosa, was awesome. It has been a couple of years since I have eaten there, but worth a little drive.

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                Oh, I miss Farmhouse Inn. Lovely setting, and that CHEESE plate! yes, a special meal indeed.