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Who have the best pie for holiday?

No big name, no Whole Foods...looking for some unknown local place who you think have the best pie?


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  1. I am a huge fan of Texas Pie Company pies. They are in Kyle. I don't know if they do pumpkin pie. I know they don't do meringue pies. I recommend their fruit pies and their chocolate pie.

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      Love Texas Pie Co! They have a pumpkin praline. If you want it for Thanksgiving, I'd call now.


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        Avenue B grocery used to carry their pies wrapped up in individual slices. I would always get a slice with my sandwich when I lived two doors down from them. Does anyone know if they still do?

    2. royer's in round top has really good pies. funny enough they now are sold at whole foods.

      1. If you're looking for a practically unknown local place with great sweet-potato pie, you should check out Galloway's Sandwich Shop at 1914 East 12th Street. I'd suggest calling right away if you're interested in picking one up before Thursday. For details on the pie, see this post:


        1. This isn't local, but it's a beautiful drive or motorcycle ride to Blanco:


          Hands down the best apple pie and apple cake I've ever had.

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            I second this recommendation. Hubby likes the apple pie, but I am total sucker for the apple pecan cake. Whenever I visit my folks is San Antonio, they expect me to show up with one. (The only mistep I have ever encountered there was a peach cobbler.) Plus, the lady that owns it is really nice.

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              Blue Bonnet Cafe Pies are incredible. Worth the drive....Their Pecan and Cherry Pie is divine.


              They are in Marble Falls, but it is worth the drive, esp since you can go to Coopers or Opies BBQ on the way back/there....

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                I just went to the monument cafe in georgetown and had a slice of their signature chocolate pie...It was sooooo heavenly!! They have a good selection of fresh baked deserts every day. You can call and special order anything they make. The list was more extensive than what they offer on a daily basis.

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                  Monument Cafe is one of my favorites in Georgetown. My friend and I are planning on a visit there on Friday. My favorite is the pound cake when they have it. Maybe, I'll try to chocolate pie.

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                    Coconut Cream Pie at Monument Cafe is DIVINE! Real whipped cream, homemade pie crust, nice toasted coconut. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Not worth the trip, drive by and find another establishment

            I spend 100 nights a year on the road and this is one of the worse meals in a long time, including the pie
            Eggs were wet, panckes had a burnt taste, grits not southern

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            1. There's a woman named Lucy who makes the pies for some restaurant in Elgin. Her lemon meringe is beautiful. You have to like a HUGE stack of meringe but the filling is good too - nice and tart...

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                The "some restaurant in Elgin" would be the City Cafe.

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                  There you go...thanks for the help. The pie was given to me as a gift so I didn't know the name.

              2. Texas Pie Kitchen is pretty awesome. I've had the blueberry peach pecan crumb and some sort of German Chocolate Pecan creation. It's a non-profit organization that tries to empower the less privileged here in town by teaching life skills. That's all terrific, but do the pies match the intentions? Yes! Here is the website:


                Texas Pie Kitchen
                Austin, TX, Austin, TX

                1. has anyone tried the pies at Upper Crust recently? What about Quackenbush in Hyde Park? I'm getting ready to go out of town and am debating where to buy my pies. I want to go someplace close by, in town. What about the pies sold at Cooper's Meat Market? I think those are Royers Pies. Any recommendations for plain ole pumpkin?

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                    i'm a big fan of upper crust. they are good as ever.

                  2. No pies this year for me. I am going to munch on some pecan empenadas from La Victoria Bakery on Burnett. Pecan pie taste without too much sugar. Yum!

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                      Great suggestion. They are in my 'hood so maybe I'll drive by for a taste test!

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                        I forgot to mention the best part. They are about $ 0.60 each!