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Nov 18, 2007 08:10 PM

Best Almond Tort - Pittsburgh?

I've been thinking about this. Prantl's, Oakmont Bakery and Bethel Bakery make almond torts. I don't know if Jean Marc in Millvale or anyone else makes one. But who's is best?

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  1. i know i'll probably be shot for this but... I think Prantl's is overrated. The icing is sometimes gritty, and a little too sweet.
    Oakmont Bakery's is good, but Last time the Almonds were soggy, and the icing slightly too sweet. I haven't had one from Jean Marc(do they make one?) Pastries a la Carte in the South Hills makes one that's okay- but i LOVE Bethel. They seem to get it perfect everytime.

    1. Not in Pittburgh but Veniero's in NYC makes a terrific almond torte and they ship anywhere. Paula Dean's sons recommended it on their show on Food Network, if that means anything. But it did persuade me to try it and if I lived in Pgh I would order it if that's what I was craving.

      1. Don't know if they have an almond torte, but there's a new-ish French dessert place in Shadyside, across the street from the crepes place. Also, check with Food Glorious Food in Highland Park.

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          Is that the French Tart? I don't know if they make an almond torte, either.

        2. I agree with you about Prantl's being overrated! I'd love to find another source; I'm sure Prantl's doesn't even use butter. Who wants to eat a load of over-sweetened Crisco? But most people go ga-ga over it.

          1. The original comment has been removed