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Pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi all,

There was a recent thread about upstate NY pizza and no one weighed in on Saratoga Springs.
Thought a separate post might garner some responses.

I haven't had pizza in a while, and I am quite spoiled by the deliciousness that is DiFara's.

Seeing that I won't get to Brooklyn much anymore, I'd love to know where I can get a good slice here in SS.

I'd love to know about these joints:

Spring Street
Mamma Mia's

Thanks for the help!

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  1. You didn't mention Marino's (sp?) on Beekman St. I hope it is still open, best pizza in Saratoga. Also the wood fired pizza across from the track, Bruno's used to be good as well.....

    1. Hi,

      I just looked up Marino's and see there's one on Circular Street, so I guess they moved.

      I also just found out that Bruno's (where I have heard mixed reviews) is for sale:

      If I check out Marino's, I'll let you know what I think.

      1. It's East Galway, not Saratoga Springs (a coupla miles west on Rt. 29), but Village Pizzeria blows the socks off of any pizza in Saratoga Springs. Nice buzz, too; complete menu, wine bar. Good beer list.

        Village Pizzeria
        2727 Route 29, Middle Grove, NY 12850

        1. Giacone's gets our vote. Terrific crust, good eggplant topping, arrives hot. It is a small local family enterprise, and sometimes the owner even delivers.

          Bruno's, alas, isn't what it used to be since changing hands a few years ago.

          1. Saratoga Has the worst pizza around. I've lived in many places. Giacone's has little flavor, Mamma Mia's is worse and Caputo's is inconsistant. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Becides they make you feel like you owe them a favor whenever you go in. Spring St. is pretty good. Best bet, go to Village Pizza, it's great. And for God's sake, do not go to Bruno's.

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              I will third the recommendation for Village Pizzeria in East Galway. We usually get their pesto pizza (white pizza with pesto, mozzarella, olives and red peppers) and add ricotta cheese. It is fantastic! Their red pizza is great also. I live in Saratoga Springs but usually travel slightly out of town to get pizza. Publik House in Malta (Rte 9 south) is pretty good, Ferrettis at exit 10 off Northway (Clifton Park) has good pizza with crust rolled very thin, but with a puffy big outer crust, and for wood fired pizza Mangia Cafe in Clifton Park (exit 9 in same shopping plaza as Kmart). We love pizza and will travel to eat it out!

            2. Another pizza possibility in Saratoga is Forno Toscano. Like everything they make, the pizza is a bit different, hip. Pizzas are individual, thin crust, and they periodically change the menu. Here are two current offerings: Fantasia, with red sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, spinach, rope sausage, mushrooms; Caprino, with olive oil, garlic, herbs, farm goat cheese, leeks, scallions and proscuitto chips. The salads are spectacular, the atmosphere is lively, and the place is a work of art. On Broadway across from the Saratoga Hotel. Enjoy!

              1. Marinos is now on Circular Street. Always been good. Would also agree with the recommendations on Forno Toscano. Publik House pizza is thick crust, which is not my cup of tea. Saratoga Pizza House, across from the Spa Diner on South Broadway, also does a decent pizza. D'Andrea's on Caroline Street, one block east of Broadway, does basic pizza, but also some trendy variations. Not a great place to sit and loll, but for a couple of slices from their sort of buffet, not bad for a quickie.

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                  Is there any connection to the Marino's in Schenectady, NY (Marino's Flying Pizza on the corner of State ST. and Furman). A longstanding source for great pizza in that area.

                2. Since I wrote this, I haven't had a chance to visit Village Pizzeria, which is top of my list of places to check out.
                  In the meantime, I was invited to Mama Mia's and thought it was great.
                  We had the eggplant pizza and it was really delicious.
                  Guess I'll have to do more exploring so I can compare and contrast.

                  1. I have to say that since Giavano's Pizzeria recently reopened (I think under new ownership) the pizza is outstanding. What an improvement in not only the pizza but also the staff and service over what it used to be! Salads are good but the Wings and the Subs are great. They even have Cheeseburger Subs.

                    Info on them: http://www.merchantcircle.com/busines...

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                    1. re: Johnathan Dabiri

                      Check out some of the thin-crust, wood-fired pizza at the new Max London's (next to Mrs. London's) on Broadway. Great.

                    2. Since the last post here, a couple of pizza-related things have popped up.
                      First of all, I read Bruno's has new owners, other than one crummy review on a local board somewhere, that's all I know.

                      A new pizza place called Pizza on Broadway just opened this week. Apparently the space was announcing it was opening for years and a series of financial problems plagued it.

                      I'll probably check out the Broadway place soon and come by with my thoughts.

                      1. Nothing is as pointless than arguing about pizza! No one agrees with anyone else! So here are my pix: best Wolfgang Puck/California Pizza Kitchen-style: Max London's, Forno Toscano. Best north Jersey-style (my origin): Mama Mia's, Pope's, Pizza on Broadway, Caputo's. Favorite: Marino's (no connection w/ Schenectady). A word about Marino's: it is unlike any other pizza: greasy, cheesey, wet, and indescribably delicious. Not very good: all chains, Saratoga Pizza House, D'Andrea's.

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                        1. re: gerchak

                          Hiya Gerchak,

                          Oh...you made me think of my old nabe! There was a Wolfgang Puck wood-fired oven right in my supermarket and we'd get their pizzas every so often. Really good stuff.

                          So I gather you've already been to the new place on Broadway and liked it. I'll be checking it out soon.

                          You're right about no point in arguing about pizza. I still don't understand how in a city like New York that people order Domino's or Pizza Hut. Especially in my old nabe in Bensonhurst, where you almost can't find a bad slice at any place you pop into.

                          Seems like our tastes are similar though and I appreciate your recommendations.

                          1. re: EllieLA

                            A word of warning about Marino's: while consuming their delicious pizza in rapturous delight, do not let any of the dripping orange ooze (the extra oil) come in contact with any part of your clothing, lest it be permanently stained. On the other hand, it may be considered a badge of honor.

                        2. My husband and I were in Saratoga Springs last year and loved the food...at the time. We were just there last weekend and ordered two Italian subs to go. When they gave me the bill of $17.01, I thought, "This will be good Italian subs". Boy, was I wrong. When we went to eat them, there was nothing but bread! One slice of salami, once slice of provolone, one slice of pepperoni, two salad tomatos all layered on a LOAF of bread!! We also asked for oil and vinegar for the dressing and were given "ketchup cups" of Italian dressing....We could have eaten better at Subway!!

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                            thewie, you don't say where you got the subs. Marino's? Their subs have always been huge and great.

                          2. Another vote for village pizza! The kids and I go there every month now that the original Bruno's is gone. Tried Sabina's, the latest pizza offering in that track-side location, and thought their pies were pricey and ho-hum, except that mine was burnt. max london's makes a great pizza, good toppings, thin and crispy, but also too expensive for us to make it a regular stop. Any good recommendations for pizza TAKE OUT?

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                            1. re: more garlic

                              POPES on Washington! $13 for a LG 1 Topping, can't beat it! Tried mama mias, inferno,etc...all seem over priced and over rated!

                              1. re: leavinglasvegas

                                Yes, Pope's is on my list too. Nice to have a place that caters to the year-round crowd in Saratoga. Being downtown or near the track shouldn't require us to be treated like tourists.

                                1. re: leavinglasvegas

                                  Tried Pope's today. Got a slice (so maybe a pie is better?). Crust was pretty good. Not much flavor. Best thing about it was $1.50 per slice. If this is NJ style it's nothing like Linwood Pizza in Fort Lee which is better.

                                  Marino's on Circular Street sounds worthy of a try the next time I'm in Saratoga Springs. Then maybe Village Pizzeria on route 29 in East Galway.

                                2. re: more garlic

                                  How about the pink store, gluten free offering as well. I also like Marino's....

                                  1. re: jspear

                                    I love Marino's but the last time I ordered pizza @ Pink, it was pretty sub-standard.

                                3. Don't forget the new-ish Hearth and Harvest on Fish Creek. All organic, artisanal, with handbuilt brick oven in the middle of the room. Unlike any other in the area.

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                                  1. re: gerchak198

                                    Gerchak198, have you been yet? It was very good.

                                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                                      H & H well recommended. Tried Sabino's in the old Bruno's space and had a strange encounter. They don't have a liquor/beer license, but they're not permitting any BYOB like some other Saratoga places did when they first opened. OK, no big deal. We wanted one of the specialty pizzas, I think it was a white pizza with mushrooms, onions, zucchini and something else, maybe peppers. We wanted the pizza as is, except to leave off, say, the peppers. The server said "no substitutions". I politely replied, it really wasn't a substitution (like switching artichokes for the peppers-which I think some places would gladly do), but an omission. She held her ground, but said we could order a white pizza and add onions, mushrooms, zucchini...... kind of reminded me of the famous diner scene with Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces. Oh well, don't think we'll return. Kind of strange for a new place just starting out not to be accommodating.

                                      1. re: markabauman

                                        I reluctantly returned to Sabina's with friends who were staying nearby. Same weird feeling from the place, as if the waitstaff were afraid of troubling the kitchen. Which is odd, because we were in the back, with a view of the pizza maker who regularly left for what seemed like long stretches elsewhere.

                                      2. re: gerchak198

                                        hearth and harvest was REALLY GOOD. we ordered the specials--salad and pizza--and it was surprisingly good. delicious and interesting salad, with strawberries, toasted almonds, and white chocolate. the arugula and bacon pizza was perfectly done. i also liked the spacious dining room. we went after the dinner crowd and had the place to ourselves. i think i've found my new favorite pizzaria.

                                      3. Saratoga Springs is definitely not known for its pizza, but there is certainly one place that towers over the rest and can give some places in the city good competition.. Pope's Pizza on Washington St. No other business in the area can come close to their pie. For a small city we actually have a ton of pizza places, but nearly all others are forgettable.

                                        *Honorable Mention -Mama Mia's

                                        As far as fancy, "gourmet" pizza goes your best bet is Max Londons. Beautifully done brick oven pizza. I have not gotten to try Harvest & Hearth on the lake, but it sounds like it has potential. Bruno's used to be a classic in town, but I haven't tried the new replacement.

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                                        1. re: Mauceri

                                          Mauceri, I respectfully disagree re: Pope's. Nothing special. That said, I did not get a made to order pie, just a slice.

                                          Has it improved since last summer?

                                          1. re: financialdistrictresident

                                            It has stayed the same since I started eating it at age 5...the beauty of a family run business.

                                            Maybe it's just my personal bias as I grew up on it, but as someone who knows a thing or two about pizza, I just don't see any comparison. I've eaten nyc pizza and I know a good slice when I get one.

                                            Extremely large, very reasonable, all hand tossed dough (most places in town use presses, which destroy dough), amazing sauce (I often order with extra) a perfect amount of cheese, all cooked to perfection (crispy and holds form, yet sauce and cheese not over cooked). If I were to point out one weakness I'd say the crust was slightly plain...but it's Neapolitan style, so there is hardly any there to begin with.

                                            All I know is you would be hard pressed to show me a better slice in saratoga.