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Nov 18, 2007 07:17 PM

Looking for authentic Tex-Mex in Orlando/Titusville areas

My husband transferred to Orlando the end of Sept, and I will be joining him (from Houston) just as soon as our house sells. The problem is that I'm going to miss my Mexican food here. The homemade tortillas, the hot & fresh tortilla chips, chunky salsa (also made fresh daily), as well as the melt-in-your-mouth fajitas that have been marinated for many hours & then grilled to perfection. Is there no place in Florida for the great Mexican food that I'm now accustomed to?

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  1. You simply will not get the same quality Mexican food here. My faves, both far from Titusville, are the Guanajuato Grill in Ocoee, followed by Taquitos Jalisco; the Winter Garden location is best. Many people love Garibaldi's on the east side of town but I don't see the appeal.

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      Forget the Titusville area, there are only very poor quality Mexican restaurants in Brevard in general. There is however, one nice little place on the corner of Fiske Blvd and Stone Street in the bad part of Cocoa. It's called "Happy Taco". Bad name, great tacos, the kind you'll find on push carts in TJ.

      Get your concealed weapons permit and come on over, you won't be disappointed.

      In Orlando, I suggest Beto's in Cassleberry. Try these for starters:

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        Garibaldi's isn't that good. We went to the one on Sand Lake a couple of weeks ago and I'd say it was pretty average.

      2. Move back to Houston. I cannot find a good tex mex place in florida. Sometimes i wish i was back in san antonio

        1. Titusville does have a decent Mexican/Cuban restaurant...El Leoncito on US 1. I recommend the wet chicken burrito plate.

          1. This is funny, I am in exactly the opposite situation. Moving from Orlando to Houston.

            I have not eaten at many Mexican restaurants in Central FL but I am convinced that La Hacienda in Orange City has to be one of the best in the world. I regularly drive the 30 miles from Orlando just to eat there.


            Try the chile rellenos, the chimichangas, and the $13 margarita PITCHERS. This place is the real deal. My girlfriend and I get chile rellenos at any place we can find them and none of them are even half as good as La Hacienda's.

            I went to Houston this weekend for the first time and me and my girlfriend went to like 4 different Mexican restaurants and none of them compared to La Hacienda. Mama Ninta's (I think was the name) was the only place that came close.

            What are your recommendations for the Houston area? Please post back after trying La Hacienda. Also, please help me convince the owner of that restaurant to open world-wide locations. :-)

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              Chimichangas? Fajitas?

              Far, far, far from authentic food, but great if you like Tex-Mex. This has/will be debated on Chow 'til the cows come home.

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                Far, far, far? That's pretty far. I would think maybe tofu and pasta would be "far far far"... but just because this isn't exactly what you would call authentic does not make it a "far cry." It is still "close", i.e. similar, in the same vein. What about these foods you mention make them so drastically different from authentic Mexican food?

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                uh oh maybe I won't make the trip to orange city after all see review:

              3. The indoor restaurant in the Mexico exhibit at Epcot.