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Nov 18, 2007 06:56 PM

MSP - San Diego Fish Tacos?

Having recently been to San Diego, I'm in love with their Fish Tacos. Any place in Minneapolis close to matching a San Diego Fish Taco? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure what makes a San Diego fish taco but I got the fish tacos at Birchwood last week and was pretty disappointed. The fish was dry and not very flavorful, although the fruit salsa they paired with it was nice. I've also had fish tacos at Sea Salt and at the Mexican seafood place in MGMkt (What is the name? This is the second time this week I've referred to them!) and they were quite good at both places.

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      La Sirena Gorda in MGM. I have had their Mole Verde (I think it's all seafood at this place, but if it's not.. I had the one with fish). Absolutely wonderful.. but it's probably just the mole that was so outstanding =)

    2. The Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun is actually an outpost of a San Diego joint. You might try there next summer.

      Also, I remember that when Baja Tortilla (now Baja del Sol) opened, their literature bragged about the authenticity of their fish tacos.

      I've not been to San Diego, so I can't compare either place to the real thing.

      1. Masa has fish tacos, but I am not sure if they are "San Diego" style. It describes snapper, lettuce, pico, and guac with your choice of either flour or corn tortillas.

        Stella's Fish Cafe has fried tilapia tacos on their menu.

        Stella's Fish Cafe
        1402 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

        1070 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403

        1. San Diego "traditional" fish taco consists of
          1. Corn Tortilla
          2. Breaded and fried white fish
          3. White sauce (usually sour cream or yogurt and salsa mixed together)
          4. must have shredded cabbage
          5. wedge of lime

          That is usually it.

          I hope that helps in finding SD taco in MSP

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          1. re: septocaine_queen

            To be honest with you, that doesn't sound like many fish tacos I've seen around here. Seems like each little shop focuses more on the sauce. Plus - haven't really heard of many *breaded* fish tacos except for at the fast-food style (take-out) Pepito's on 46th & Nicollet in Minneapolis. I don't know what kind of sauce they put on it, but you could always call & find out before making the drive. I ordered non-fish there, and it was okay.. not great.. but they do highly advertise their fish..

            Pepitos Mexi-Go Deli
            4624 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419

            1. re: reannd

              Oh yes, I had a fish taco at the Pepito's at 48th and Chicago. It might have been on the specials boards so not a regular thing. I remember it being okay, not great.

            2. re: septocaine_queen

              That's pretty much the Tin Fish model. They serve both broiled and fried fish. The primary difference is that they use a flour tortilla, rather than a corn tortilla.

            3. I have had the fish tacos at Baja del Sol and liked them quite a bit and there is another fast food place called Taco del Mar that has them and they are good. Authentic? I have no idea but tasty just the same.