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Nov 18, 2007 06:45 PM

visually interesting LA food

I'm doing a photo project and was hoping you all might be able to help. I'm looking for suggestions of restaurants or other food sellers with particularly interesting looking food that is very "LA" (whatever that means). I've quite a few pictures already, but kind of come up against a wall in coming up with more places to go. Something a little off the wall, something a little off-beat -- even something with interesting packaging would be great.

Drinks, candy, side dishes, main courses, desserts. Anything goes. I've taken pictures in grocery stores, in farmer's markets, in fancy restaurants and in hole-in-the-wall joints. I'll take *any* suggestions that come to mind.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. The oysters four ways at Abode, the hamachi croque madame at Hatfield's, the "junk food" dessert platter at Simon LA, the odd entree at the Foundry, any number of dishes at Ortolan (Chef Eme loves to find interesting items in which to serve food), Providence and Urusawa [the latter, alas, I thus far know solely through the terrific pictures kindly posted by other Hounds].

    1. that cotton candy wrapped around the candle at porterhouse bistro.

      i think an interesting pic might be of white frozen yogurt piled high with a variety of colors of fruits... kiwi, pomegranate, berries, orange wedge, etc... do it at farm boy

      i think natas from nata's pastries are interesting looking

      godfather from bay cities deli

      rosewater ice cream from mashti malone's.

      take a walk around a famer's market, and take pics of the various rarer fruits... dragonfruit comes to mind.

      father's office burger

      1. I think the pastries at Jin Patisserie are very photogenic, same for the stuff at Boule.

        If you want to talk about plating, I think as a general rule, appetizers are presented much more artfully and with more decorative flair than entrees. Some good places to visit that come to mind off the top of my head: Bin8945, Patina, Josie, Ketchup, Blue Velvet, Takami, and Sona.

        The drinks at O-Bar, Trader Vic's and Bahooka might be worth taking a peek at.

        But ultimately I think what makes food visually interesting starts with what's behind the camera (the photographer) and not what's necessarily in front of the camera (the food). I've seen very pedestrian looking food come out looking glamorous after being photographed by some very talented bloggers.

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          i'll second ipsedixit. there are no bad food subjects, just bad photographers. as an aside, check out the light in the dining room at the getty center restaurant. very cool.

        2. Encounter @ LAX used to have a great 3-D dessert which looked somewhat like the outside of the restaurant. They just reopened, so maybe it's back in play.

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