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Nov 18, 2007 06:38 PM

Whither Ippudo Hakata?

I have been dreaming about and craving Ippudo Hakata ever since I heard it was going to open in NYC. Today I went to MenchankoTei and it was a thin broth only slightly enlivened by too much ginger and red pepper.

Why can't we have our own Japanese outpost now? Last I read, it was supposed to open in Fall 2007, and that time is coming and going, with nothing but shuttered boards.

Please tell me the deal is still on - there are so many ramenheads in this town that would gladly pool their money at a real ramen shrine. Plus lots of Japanese ex-pats.

Santa, all I want for Christmas is a NYC Ippudo. I've been a relatively good girl, and a devoted foodie.

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  1. have you tried sategaya? i'm headed there right now. i think the shio broth is much better than anything else i've tasted in the city.

    1. According to this Japanese web site, it looks like the date has slipped to 2008. However, Ippudo is still going to open. In one of first pictures, the person who has worked at the company for six years has been selected as part of the NYC staff.

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      1. re: bulldog69

        Sadly my observation confirms the same early 08 start date. I walked by and there's nothing really set up - no kitchen or nothing. Damn, I want to pay their construction crew to work faster!!!!

        1. re: windycity

          I just called them yesterday (212-388-0088). They will be opening at the end of the month (March)

          1. re: pajun5

            Finally! I can't wait. It was my favorite on a recent trip to Tokyo. Jangara on Omotesando being a close second.

              1. re: kolachman

                Fourth Ave and 9th or 10th street.