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Salisbury Steak?

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Aside from defrosting a Swanson's Hungry Man TV dinner or crashing my local grade school cafeteria during lunch break, where can I get a good salisbury steak?


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  1. only places i can think of...
    boardwalk 11
    barney's beanery

    1. While you would have to have it (or pick it up) by 4 pm Langer's actually has one, (and you could pick up a nice pastrami sandwich while you were there just in case the SS didn't wow your T buds like you thought it might). I also wonder if you called Clifton's whether they feature it most of the time or not?

      1. Chris & Pitts has a ground beef steak on the menu covered with grilled onions and mushroom gravy.

        1. If you're ever down in Orange County, Quinn's Old Town Grill in Tustin has a great salisbury steak served with caramelized onions, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Quinn's has a large menu, they even have a waffle with fried chicken that is much better than Roscoe's!


          1. I had one last week at Barney's Beanery. It was pretty good but for some reason the frozen ones you can get at the grocery store are always better to me.
            I had one at Grand Lux Cafe once, but I think the one at Barney's was better.

            1. Went to the Yorkshire Grill today in DTLA for Salisbury Steak. A good chunk of beef, nice gravy, but all in all it tasted too much like an over seasoned hamburger patty. Where's the grade school cafeteria chef when you need one!

              Anyway, thanks for all recs everyone.

              Yorkshire Grill
              610 West 6th Street
              Los Angeles