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Lydia Shire's Blue Sky on York Beach, ME

Has anyone been yet? Thoughts?

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  1. I stopped in on Saturday evening at 5:00pm. The restaurant was busy with set up activity and many waiters, waitresses and bar staff were gathering to listen to the specials of the day. The restaurant had been open for only one week and the bakery area on the first floor is not ready as yet.

    I must stay the restaurant looked spectacular, in my opinion. It's very open and airy; lots of chome, white leather or leather-looking upholstered chairs. There is a bar area with some small tables and chairs immediately to your right when you enter. The main dining room is truly expansive and beautiful. There is also another large bar that is part of the main dining room.

    I'm looking forward to making a reservation. I did obtain a menu. The menu is divided by Hearth Cooking (chicken, oxtails, pasta with crab; Starters (raw bar, mussles, salad, soub, etc.), Maine (grey sole, white clam sauce, brick chicken, skirt stea, salmon, etc), Lobster and Spuds and Veg. I hope it's successful--and I'm looking forward to a dinner there soon.

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      Did you happen to catch an website for it? I haven't been able to guess the correct yet. Is it only dinner or did you see a lunch menu as well?

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        This is the best i could find for you. Im not sure if they have an official website as yet. but this will give you a little look and a little about the place.(http://www.seacoastonline.com/apps/pb...) I hope this allows you to open the site. Earle CT.

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          A little late, but just in case others are looking for it, here's the website...


      2. I had the pleasure of dining at Blue Sky this weekend. One word sums it up: "WOW!" It's like NYC popped into quaint York Beach. The staff is pleasant and very attentive. NOt snobby and the Chef, Lydia, came to our table. I can't say enough about the flavors, textures and food quality. The special was fresh Nantucket scallops with the most amazing sea veggies and salsify on the side. Each course was grand and I chose the duck. The best I've had. My only complaint is that the vegetable course was additional and very pricey so I chose not to indulge. It is very pricey for this area and while worth the extra, I feel the veggie should come with the course. I had no room for dessert. I would HIGHLY recommend this spot for a very special occasion. The decor is just strikingly lovely yet simple and very cosmopolitan. I'm so excited to have a restaurant of this level in the area.

        1. I ate at Blue Sky on Friday night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. (I was expecting an overdone room with pompous service and an overambitious menu.) The dining room is fabulous with lots of different nooks and crannies to sit in -- it's very sophisticated. The menu is outstanding -- I couldn't decide what to order. There is a whole Lobster Menu! We shared a Lobster Pizza to start and it was so delicious, I could have stopped there. For dinner, my husband had a pork and lobster dish and I had Chicken Under a Brick. He devoured his! Mine was served in a light au jus with a smattering of a spicy sauce -- a nice balanced dish. The portions were huge, and for such an ambitious menu, I thought the quality and execution were terrific. (Loved the bread basket and the butter dusted with sea salt.) The only downsides were the unprofessional server -- very soft-spoken and young for this kind of restaurant -- and the weak "Wine by the Glass" menu. I loved it, highly recommend it and can't wait to return!

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            I can't wait to make the trip up to lower Maine and stop in!
            (It will make our Christmas visit to see my MIL all worthwhile.. ;-D ) Lydia Shire in York, ME, how cool is that.
            Is it over-the-top expensive or manageable?

            About time someone did something with that beautiful old building.
            The reincarnation of Pop's Shell Shack!

          2. Went to Blue Sky last night. The space is beautiful with no expense spared. Very comfortable, upscale feel but intended to be casual. There is a terrific bar area with a fireplace as well as a bar type sitting area near their Hearth stove for special entrees. Lydia was there and we were seated five minutes before she came over to say hello and spent some time with us. It was early so there wasn't too much going on. Although as the evening progressed I don't think she spent 15 minutes in the back of the house. I asked her for her recommendations which we had. Firstly, a textbook duck confit with golden raisins and a gingerbread toast with, I think, a maple butter. Perfect! Additionally, we had the lamb pizza with leeks, goat cheese. The flavors were rich but found it a bit greasy as lamb is often this way. Too much to eat already, we took half the lamb pizza to go. As a snack or dinner for sure this would be enough for a meal. However, there was too much to choose from so next was a Scottish salmon with cippolini onion and a broth that was both rich, deep in flavor but refreshing. Very balanced and the fish was perfectly cooked. I had house papardelle with blue hubbard squash, pumpkin seed brittle. again, very rich but some how not overwhelming and delicious. The seeds had a great crunch against the softness of the papardelle, the squash cooked just right and a buttery, fall-ish flavor that was just right on a cold night. A special mention about the bread. There were four varieties in the basket, a corn bread, a squash muffin, ordinary focaccia and an Irish soda bread with raisins and caraway seeds that was incredible. A generous amount of butter with sprinkled sea salt on top was given although the breads did not need it. French press coffee finished it off with a sharing of pumpkin cheesecake. A great evening. A note on service: very attentive although it was obvious that some work still needs to be done. A missed knife here or there, young busboys asking if we want water, etc. Little things that never put a damper on my experience but there will be those who, for this price, will be expecting something much greater. I am sure they will get there.

            I found the wine list somewhat reasonable although most varietals started in the $50 range. There were a few $30 bottles but this is not their emphasis for sure. As another hound mentioned, the wines by the glass list is a little pedestrian, small but the prices there were to be expected $8-11 a glass for a 5oz pour. Not a cheap evening by any means although I can see eating at the bar as being inexpensive (just a pizza or app e.g.) $210 including tip for two. Apps $9-14, entrees $18-48 (2# lobster)

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              Any websites or hours of operation. Would love to head up there Monday if they're open! Very intrigued!

            2. WOW! We were expecting so much more and were extremely disappointed. While the food was fine, it certainly wasn't fabulous. Our waiter pleasent and apologetic. However could use some direction, he served the men of the party first and the eldest woman last. Not what you would expect when you are paying $34.00 for an a la carte steak and $7.00 for a side of broccoli. The restaurant is very pretty, but very loud! It sounded like a high school cafeteria, we couldn't here each other at the table. Maybe due to the fact that we were seated right beside an office Christmas party, ( something they should have told us about when we made the reservation). The sheer brown curtain used to seperate large parties did nothing to lessen the noise factor. We were seated at 7:15 and our dinner finally arrived at 8:55! When it did arrive it came out piece-meal one dinner at a time, with several minutes in between each one. Again the waiter apologetic and sheepish. We did have the opportunity to meet owner/chef Ms. Shire, she explained to us that the restaurant was only a month old and they hadn't ironed out the kinks. We are williing to overlook many things but Ms. Shire is an experienced restauranter and should know by know how it works. When charged such high prices, particularily in York beach, Maine, we expected to get what we paid for, a great dinning experience, and we did not. Would we go back? No, there are so many great seacoast restaurants, why go back to Blue Sky?

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                Interesting observation about the sound as I meant to mention something about it. I think we were seated just about where you were as there was a table of about 12 in this little off to the side room with a sheer curtain. The restaurant was full on that side and I wanted to mention that although it weas full, the sound didn't carry all that much, the tables were reasonably apart and conversation was easy to carry on. Boy, they musta been loud for you because our experience wad the opposite (but like I said, the restaurant was empty on the balcony side behind the bar.

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                  We were in the middle of the dinning room and it was a party of 30 in the alcove area next to us. There was a lot going on while we were there, several dropped/broken glasses and flatwear being dropped quite often.

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                    There is no doubt it was much busier on saturday night then friday. We didn't experience the noise you did but there is no question there was much confusion by the waitstaff; a lot of huddling around the POS system, server not knowing what the alcohols were at the bar, another server getting our entrees reversed, missing flatware, etc. Like I mentioned, for these prices one would expect spot on service and it was not there. However, I have yet to see an advertisement or a website so they are definitely going through a soft opening so therefore these things were forgiven by me and it did not ruin or take away from my experience. But I can see how it can at those prices. However, if that kind of thing bothered me, knowing it just opened, I would wait three months

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                  Wel, it's three months later and they haven't worked the kinks out yet.

                  i actually thought the food was very good, but the service was poor. Not a matter of a weak wait staff person having a bad night. It was clear that she hadn't had the type of training any diner should expect at a top flight restaurant.

                  service was slow, we frequently went unattended, and the wait person missed a dish that was ordered.

                  she was incapable of walking us through the menu (explaining how it was organized and what some of the highlights were). Even descriptions of individual items were hard to follow.

                  perhaps most irritating, she had zero wine knowledge. how can you charge $100/person and not have wait staff that know the basics of your wine?

                  we asked about one bottle; the wait person disappeared for 10 minutes to repeat a few words from the wine expert - which weren't especially helpful.

                  i don't get how the owner can expect people ot make a long drive and spend a good deal of money and then not provide basic service.

                3. My husband and I made a reservation for dinner last evening for 8:00pm. We stopped in at 7:15pm to sit at the bar and have a drink. We were able to manage one seat at the bar, which I used, however, I had to precariously balance on the bar stool because it was broken. I thought with the attention to detail the restaurant obviously has, the owners/managers would not permit a bar to have a bar stool that was broken. The two bartenders were friendly, informative and made great drinks and at that point were were happy and anxiously awaiting a wonderful dining experience. When I checked in at the desk I was told that I wouldn't be seated before my reservation time. I told the young woman that I realized that and that I wasn't asking to be seated, I was simply informing her that we were at the restaurant and would be in the bar area. She said she would come to get us at 8:00pm.

                  Eight p.m. came and went and we went to the desk several times to ask when we would be seated. Finally at 8:30 the manager apologized and escorted us to our seats. We sat at the large half-circle shaped booth adjacent to the hearth bar area. I totally agree with the other posters that this is a very loud restaurant. There was a large, potted orchid plant placed at our table. I had the feeling it didn't belong because none of the other tables had this type of plant on it. Because it was large (beautiful and all, but large), people would stop by and admire it as we were eating our dinner. We also had the feeling that we were seated there because they had no place to seat us at the time of our reservation.

                  Our waitress was pleasant, but was not as attentive or professional as I would have expected. She never asked us if we wanted wine, appetizers or a salad. I ordered the swordfish with calamari and my husband had the pappardelle with Hubbard squash. Our meals arrived sometime after 9:00pm. While our meals were good, I did not feel that I enjoyed a great meal. This was not the fabulous dining experience I expected. The desserts were not described, the dessert menu was not provided; we paid our bill and left.

                  I expected so much more. I asked myself the same question, "would I return?" I think I would return to sit at the bar, have a drink and perhaps an appetizer or salad. Would I wait for a long time to be seated and then experience an expensive meal that would not be overwhelming good? My answer is No.

                  I agree there are other restaurants in the area that I would prefer that would provide a better atmosphere and a very good meal.

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                    It sure is refreshing to see some one write an honest review, of a Restaurant that is not living up to the hype associated with the owner, and all the previews. Maybe they will get there act together. With its location and the fact that this is the Winter season in York and they are not doing a good job, does not bode well for the upcoming summer season. Earle Ct.

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                      We're headed there next week. I hope they have the wrinkles ironed out by then: it's a long drive and a special night for my family.

                      By then they will have been open more than six weeks, so I'm not too worried.

                  2. We dined at Blue Sky on Friday night. As we sipped our wine and perused the menu, I inquired about any "signature dishes." The waitress quickly directed us to the Lobster Pizza ($24) that used to be featured on the menu of Lydia Shire's famed Boston restaurant, BIBA. Succulent is the best adjective to describe this pie, a thin "fried dough" crust, topped with chopped scallions, fresh parsley, sauteed onions, smoked ricotta, an abundance of lobster, and drizzled with a lobster cream sauce.

                    The Hogue '06 Reisling ($8) paired exceptionally well with the sweet apple mashed potatoes that accompanied my husband's Sugarcane Roast Chicken ($24). The poultry was moist, but lacked flavor; we expected more interesting flavors when the waitress said it was prepared with Asian spices and soy sauce.

                    Though the Pappardelle Pasta with Blue Hubbard Squash and Pumpkin Seed Brittle ($22) was tempting (and recommended by our waitress), I opted for the Maple Roasted Scottish Salmon in Parsnip Stew ($28). Lacking pizazz, the wild salmon was set in a bowl containing thin parsnip broth,boiled pearl onions and baby carrots - all subtly spiced with rosemary and nutmeg.

                    At the suggestion of our waitress, we ordered a side of Twice Fried String Beans w/ Ginger Juice ($7), only to be notified that they were out of green beans so we settled for the "Big Broccoli" ($7). Intrigued by the sound of the Hot Raised Potato Doughnut with Lyles Golden Syrup ($4), our waitress suggested that this fried concoction might be too sweet with our dinners, so we opted for the grown-up version of Tater Tots with Green Onion ($6).

                    The Steamed Chocolate Cake was remarkably moist, a dense and rich pudding-like consistency, the cake was infused with a shot of coffee and served atop "sunshine sauce", a cream sauce with a splash of bourbon. The bread and desserts are made on premise each day; the pastry chef will soon be opening a bakery on the first floor of the Atlantic House.

                    Open only two short months, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. While our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, water and wine glasses were not filled in a timely fashion, twice the busboys tried to clear my plate moments after I had begun eating (don't put down your fork at this restaurant!), and it took nearly 20 minutes after we were seated for bread to be delivered to our table. With no hot water in either the mens' or ladies' bathrooms, one wonders how the chefs are able to adequately sanitize their hands before engaging in food preparation.

                    If you live or are vacationing in the area, it is worth a visit. I found the menu to be a refreshing change from those I see at most high-end restaurants, with interesting and unique offerings that you just don't see elsewhere.

                    And make sure you try the Lobster Pizza!


                    1. The Website is www.blueskyonyorkbeach.com

                      I've made three visits so far, one a month after opening and the last one last night and the last visit was much better.

                      1. We ate there Xmas Eve and were disappointed. (The last time I posted a detailed, mixed review at this site it was nitpicked to death by the restaurant's partisans in a months-long flame war, so I won't go into detail here.) Suffice to say it's very expensive ($100/person after tip with a very moderate bar tab) and the food doesn't match the pricing.

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                          I understand your reluctance, but I must admit, I was looking forward to reading your opinion on this place in particular. I liked your review of Fuel in Lewiston and stated as much in that thread.

                          My opinion of Blue Sky is that it will become more of a tourist "destination" spot vs a local one. At those prices the concept may not fly in York Beach.

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                            (Some of this is cribbed from a comment I posted in the more-than-noteworthy http://blog.typeadiversions.com/


                            Blue Sky is a very very handsome restaurant, beautifully put together. It's located on the second floor of the reconstruction of an old hotel (Atlantic House?) which we were told was reduced to one wall and then recreated from the ground up. My wife and I were there with our two college-age daughters, who have lots of experience eating in good establishments (Bandol and Aubergine were 'our' places in Portland) and have between them put in years of time working at Fore Street, Scales, Diamond's Edge, Yosaku, Hook in Georgetown (DC) and other restaurants.

                            My wife and I ate at Biba several times over the years, and Pignoli was a favorite destination of mine when doing business in Boston. (I spent a fair amount of time at Locke-Ober, too, but that was years before Lydia Shire).

                            The thing that stays with me is that as the evening progressed, nothing much was said about the food. None of the "ooooh, you have to try this" remarks that characterize a notable meal. My wife and I both had an oxtail/yuca dish that did not impress at all. I noticed a flavor in the braising juices which reminded me of what happens when you reduce from a commercial (canned) stock: tasted canned. I'm not saying that's what was going on, but it had that effect. Any Latin notes were subdued to say the least. My kids didn't press their dishes on me so I didn't try them. The warm chocolate cake dessert was wonderful. But nothing else stood out as at all remarkable, and as I've said, the meal was pretty darn expensive.

                            Ms. Shire walked through the restaurant at one point, stopping at every table. It was odd, actually, because she didn't introduce herself (we thought she was waitstaff at first and couldn't figure why she was hovering) and she didn't say much: we had to carry the brief conversation. This is probably a business-building move, but may not be a good one.

                            The service, 6 weeks after the start of the soft launch, was still a bit scattered, but friendly without being familiar and mostly satisfactory. We had no issues with the place being noisy, but it was only about 30% occupied that Xmas eve.

                            Niggling?: The menu is handsome but a bit recherché; items are given fanciful names which don't always help you figure what they actually are. I was put off by the maze of exposed plumbing above me: there are condos upstairs and you see their waste pipes, plus sprinklers and large round HVAC tubes all across the ceiling. A bit of this industrial chic can be attractive, but this was just chaos. Too bad you can't paint PVC.

                            As I said in Type A Diversions-
                            "I think Blue Sky is going after the MC Perkins Cove thing.
                            (A) That's not aiming very high.
                            (B) After 6 weeks in operation they're missing widely."

                            (...ducks for cover)

                            1. re: Dual

                              An addendum: stormy weather and young womens' social lives meant I had to call Blue Sky several times- rescheduling our reservations twice before we finally landed on Christmas Eve. They were never less than 100% courteous, cooperative and patient as they dealt with this.

                              1. re: Dual

                                Thanks again for an excellent review!

                        2. I was there Saturday night and had a very pleasant experience. The dining room is lovely and the staff was both friendly and professional. Our waiter was on a par with the best I've had in Boston. That said, I would have to agree with previous posts that the dining room is very noisy and the food while good is not exceptional. I am surprised that the food is not more memorable as Susan Regis is there until she returns to Boston to open Scampo in the Liberty Hotel.

                          The bread basket is fantastic. Lydia must really appreciate good bread. She always has great bread baskets.

                          1. We had dinner there Saturday night and won't be going back. The space is very nice, we ate outside in great weather, all very pleasant.

                            However, the service is a ridiculous joke. The waiter was quite inexperienced although pleasant. After ordering, we waited 20 minutes for our wine to arrive, then another 20 for the appetizer (40 minutes so far) after waiting another 50 minutes (an hour and 3/4 so far) we pointedly asked for our meals. Most finally arrived after another 10 minutes with the final dishes after another 5. All in all it was almost 2 hours after we were seated when we finally got our food.

                            The food itself was good but far from outstanding. They have a subsection of the menu that features lobster additions to the meal. I'd pretty strongly recommend avoiding these dishes. My wife's pork chops with a small half lobster tail featured very good pork chops and totally overcooked lobster. My linguini bolongnese with lobster was good, although I've had much better, but the lobster again was overcooked and bordering on tasteless. The clams casino were mainly spiced breading, I've had far better in bars.

                            We spoke to the manager about this rather dismal performance and were met with attention to our description but no apology. Apparently this is what is to be expected.

                            The thing that was notable about the meal though was the price. With wine expect to spend about $75 to $100 per person.

                            My take on this is that it's a high end tourist trap.

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                              Hooray another diner willing to tell the truth. I wish there was some way to send them all the posts about the place. Where they could see that's being written about the Restaurant. Maybe they would take a hint from the dining public and get them self's straighted out. I know its a nice place but where it is doesn't justify the prices they are asking. You can get a meal at many other places within 20 miles of the place for far less money and much better service. With just as good a meal. Thanks again for a honest post. Earle

                            2. What a drag: there is no reason in the world for a restaurant with this pedigree to be what it is (except greed?)

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                                Is it worth driving from Portland to eat here? Maybe. If you take off to york for a day at the beach, and a little cottage near a mosquito-infested swamp, its worth driving from said little cottage.

                                It is expensive, yes, but so was the little cottage, the parking, the sunblock from the beach store, and the jamaican meat pies on route 1.

                                I had read lots of complaints about this restaurant, re: prices and service, so I was prepared to be underwhelmed. Our waiter was actually spot-on, talking us through the menu, and very attentive. He even described the breads when he brought the bread basket, and offered us a bottle of rose that wasnt on the menu.

                                I had the monkfish special, for 27 bucks I got a decent portion of monkfish medaillions, some rice, and something green. Mrs. Drunkenstein had the lobster pizza. The flavors of both dishes were tremendous, and the portions were adequate for Mrs. but not for bottomless pit me. A starter of grilled "homemade" mozzarella and tomatoes was pretty good, I haven't seen the mozz grilled before.

                                With 5 drinks, tax and tip, we spent close to 200, I think maybe 170 or something. It was rather expensive. Entrees seems to be 4 to 5 dollars more than restaurants in portland, and drinks were 9-10 bucks for example.

                                But the entire town is an expensive place to visit. The parking meters were still being enforced after 9pm. Beers after dinner at a nearby club were close to 5 per bottle, and we each had to pay a five dollar cover just to get in.

                                Its the height of summer, and the restaurant was busy, but not crowded. I think the price points may have to come down some in the off season for the place to succeed, although they appear to have very deep pockets.

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                                  I was very disappointed with Blue Sky. The only above average item was the crab cakes. The brussel spouts with hazelnut were good.

                                  Unfortunately the buckwheat pasta squares came swimming in butter. There was at least a half inch of butter in the bottom of the bowl. I couldn't detect a taste of whiskey in the lobster au whiskey. The haddock and crab entree was mediocre.

                                  The menu is confusing as all the appetizers are not listed under Starters. I ordered two different items off of the other sections of the menu only to be told they were not main courses.

                                  The waitress was efficient and tried hard but was obviously not used to working in a high end restaurant. I don't blame her, its managements fault for not training their help.

                                  The room was nice. A very large open space with two separate bars.

                                  I would go back for a drink and an appetizer if I was in the area but I wouldn't order a full meal.

                                  1. re: NorthShoreFoodie

                                    It was nice to see a new review for Blue Sky, Haven't seen one in quite a while, and I can see by your description things haven't improved since the last group of postings. Which you can see by all the previous posting it was not rated to good by the patrons. So with the up coming vacation season almost upon us, its nice to get a new perspective of where not to go... Thanks Earle

                                    1. re: NorthShoreFoodie

                                      I was at Blue Sky this past weekend with some friends that highly recommended it. Unfortunately, although the restaurant participated in "Restaurant Week", they clearly could not handle the response. This special included an appetizer, entree, and a dessert. Our reservations were for 8pm and were seated within 15 minutes. We ordered our meal, however after nearly an hour and a half, we were told that 3 of the 4 entrees that we had ordered were no longer available. Are you kidding me??? Finally, we were served by 10:15. When we reminded the waitress what we would like for dessert, she had a panicked look on her face. 2 of us ordered the white chocolate bread pudding with whipped cream. When it arrived, it looked like the bottom of the barrell of a pot of oatmeal with no whipped cream. We then heard the waitress tell the table next to us that they were out of the dessert that they had ordered. For such a nice looking restaurant, I had never had such a let down. Too bad. We should've gone to the place across the street that sounded like they were having a great time. I felt bad for my friend who had recommended it, but she was disappointed too.

                                      1. re: Dual

                                        wow, I am feeling much better about my wait from the kitchen at Joshua's in Wells. Love the place, and our last visit was a bit long, but included great service and great food. Blue Sky continues to remain on our radar and continues to give us reasons not to go. Love Lydia, but have never heard a rull blown great review of this place. Either take the time to staff and train or not Lydia!~

                                        1. re: gyppielou

                                          I also do not understand it. Scampo is so damn good, and this place so bad. I have a feeling that all of Lydia's attention has gone to Scampo, and this place has been left to slowly sway in the wind.

                                          1. re: aadesmd

                                            Well, if you read this thread carefully from the top it becomes clear that Blue Sky NEVER received proper attention. It's almost as if the place were either (A) intended to rake money in from ignorant tourists, a great mistake for an upscale restaurant in the internet age (here we are talking about Blue Sky, right?), or (B) designed to lose money for some arcane business purpose.

                                            Either way this place does not serve the dining public or its owner's reputations well.

                                            I read another, recent review here where Blue Sky was in a list of area restaurants the poster had visited, and he encountered abysmal service as well.

                                            1. re: Dual

                                              Went to Scampo last night- fabulous food by Lydia. Too bad she hasn't put the same effort into Blue Sky.

                                              1. re: Dual

                                                I will NEVER patronize Blue Sky -- and I pass this on as a warning. I have been searching for a restaurant to seat a party of 8 on Christmas Day, and was very excited to see that BSky was accepting reservations for that day through OpenTable. I did call to confirm -- just to be sure. I am happy that I did....I was told that they are CLOSED and that "upper management" decided to accept reservations for 12/25 "just to see how many hits they got." My Christmas was nearly ruined.

                                                1. re: Funnyredhed

                                                  You're correct. I called and was told it was actually "a miscommunication with Open Table." They are open, however, on Christmas Eve and will be taking reservations till 8:30 PM for that night.

                                                  Sounds good to me . . . I may book a table!

                                                  1. re: bewley

                                                    To: bewley,, I guess you didn't read any of the reviews above in the previous post, Why you would do that to yourself on Christmas Eve is beyond me! The Restaurant has problems..and issues with everything from poor service to not having whats advertised on the menu. A wait staff that's not properly trained. And I guess you can see the picture.. Enough said!

                                                    1. re: Earle

                                                      Yes Earle, you are correct in that I wouldn't bother spending Christmas Eve there. I've heard I should go sit at the bar and order the lamb pizza and some other apps and forgo the entrees entirely. I used to know some of her kitchen help and this was their advice to me. I have also heard some good things about the Blue Sky, but the negatives do outweigh the bad.

                                  2. We had a reservation for 4 for Valentine's Day brunch at 11 a.m. When we called to make the reservation, the hostess offered 2 p.m. without even waiting to ask when we wished to come, then said theat she could fit us in at 11. When we arrived, the door to the restaurant was locked and stayed locked until 11:08, leaving us standing in a barren hallway on the ground floor, even though there are seats in the bar area where we could have sat while waiting for our table. The service was friendly, if scattered. The food was okay, but nothing great. Not worth a second visit.

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                                      What time were you actually seated, 11:08? Were you the first table to be seated? Were they running late? It just sounds a bit odd that you had a reservation at 11AM only to find the doors locked.