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Nov 18, 2007 06:11 PM

Iron Chef Symon

first and foremost the new chef should have been Besh however that's just my opninion. i wanna know are we going to have to hear chef symon giggle every time he's on? it sounds so moronic. i realize it may be something he does out of habit but geez louise it grates on the nerves.

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  1. i happen to like him because i've met him and it's SO unaffected and really a part of his warm personality - but i can see where it could come off strangely on tv. either way you have to give him some props since that meal rocked tonight. yummy. and those are picky judges and they were giving good comments too.

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    1. re: AMFM

      sorry, i liked chef moore's selections more than symons....not a huge liver fan.

      1. re: spinach

        but to me an IC is supposed to be innovative and take risks. personally i'd probably rather eat the other too but i think MS looked appropriately iron chef-y. and it obviously tasted good.

        1. re: spinach

          I was intrigued by both and would have enjoyed both, but I would have given the win to Moore.

          1. re: Cat Chow

            I'm guessing that he's turkey being tough/described as "shoe leather" in one dish might have handed it to Symon. Loved the look of Symon's food.

      2. Gee, I'll trade you 500 Paula Deen laughs for ONE Symon giggle!

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        1. re: Caroline1

          500 Paula Deen laighs, thats like half a show's worth right? Depends on if she is loaded or not.

          1. re: Caroline1

            Paula Deen doesn't laugh...she cackles!

          2. I thought Chef Symon was fine tonight for his first battle. Like Alton said both chefs were a bit quiet tonight, but were responsive when asked questions. I'm sure as he gets more comfortable he's going to be more relaxed - just look at how intense Bobby Flay was when he first started out. His laugh/giggle I like because it seems geniune. It's not a fake "made for TV" laugh or smile that seems so rampant on the Food Network nowadays.

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            1. re: Bunson

              uh oh . . . did I miss something?
              I didn't realize they did an ICA with him already . . .

              since "first and foremost" you want to talk about Besh, switch your TV to the Sundance Ch and watch him on an upcoming Iconoclasts show and post about that.
              That's a misleading headline you wrote . . .

              1. re: Bunson

                Symon cracks me up, and even reminds me of a good friend (also named Michael) who looks just like him. I really enjoyed him throughout the Next Iron Chef competition, and I'm glad he won (I think he has better entertainment value than Besh). I'm thrilled he won his first ICA competition, and loved that even though he was dropping eggs and tipping champagne over, he stayed focused and got the job done.

                1. re: PlomeekSoup

                  I think he knocked over that glass b/c he's not used to wearing long sleeves when he cooks, let alone those giant cuffs! Can't really blame him and he handled it well.

              2. He seemed very nervous - as evidenced by dropping the poached egg and knocking over the drink. I think he'll be fun to watch and I like the food that he's presented so far. I don't mind his laugh at all.

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                1. re: HungryLetsEat

                  I thought his dishes looked quite impressive with quite a bit of thought put into them, texture, flavor etc....but I have to agree with the OP on the laughing thing, nervous gigglers make me cringe.

                2. But isn't Symon good friends with one of the judges who made him an Iron Chef?

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                  1. re: Withnail42

                    Well, since the judges were, for the final competition, three Iron Chefs, and even before that, Ruhlmann was only one of three judges, I find it hard to see how Ruhlman "made him an Iron Chef".

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      and these were classic ICA judges last night. 26/30 for taste is pretty good. 14/15 for originality too.

                      1. re: AMFM

                        I've liked Symon since he was on "Melting Pot". He is darned cute, too. Then again, Besh is also pretty cute.

                        Yes, I am shallow.

                        1. re: MysticYoYo

                          well mystic, since we cant taste the food... i think its only fair to choose on looks :)

                      2. re: MMRuth

                        I think you parsed that sentence incorrectly. The way I read it, "who made him an Iron Chef" modifies "the judges" not "one [of the judges]."

                        1. re: jlafler

                          You are absolutely right - my parsing was poor! My apologies to Withnail42!