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Nov 18, 2007 05:47 PM

Bread Bakery in Alexandria or Arlington?

I'm new to the area and would love to find a good bakery that sells hearty bread with a good crust. If anyone's had the walnut levain bread from Acme bakery in Berkeley, that's the style I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've not had the pleasure of Berkeley bread, but let me recommend two bakeries on Lee Hwy. Arlington: 1. Pastries by Randolph emphasizes (surprise) pastries, but turns out some good bread, albeit in a limited spectrum. I like their baguettes.

    2. Heidelberg bakery is better for the heartier stuff--several varieties of rye bread, for example. They make sourdough, but I wouldn't compare it to the good stuff from the Bay Area. The also have a small deli section and a nice selection of wursts.

    There's also a bakery on W. Broad Street in Falls Church, Baguette Republic, that can turn out some excellent bread, but they're inconsistent.

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      i second the heidelberg recommendation on bread. but for wursts, german gourmet deli in falls church is miles ahead....

    2. Atwater's Bakery is based in Md. but they sell their breads at the Arlington Courthouse farmers market on Saturdays.

      1. We're fans of Firehook bakery in my family. All natural organic, great crust, big selection of types, a terrific baguette.
        I love their Tuscan grain with farro. Maybe you might enjoy the Panello, a focaccia with walnuts and grapes. Their cakes and cookies are also terrific. It's where we'll get our pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
        They've got two locations in Alexandria. See the website for which breads they bake on which days of the week.

        1. I'm a fan of Great Harvest Bread Co. in the Fairlington section of Alexandria. Excellent Challah on Fridays.

          Great Harvest Bread
          1711 Centre Plz, Alexandria, VA

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          1. re: westofrome

            I agree that Great Harvest is an exceptionally good bakery. It's also very generous in giving out free samples, which makes it a great place for a first-time customer.

            1. re: ballston01

              I'm a Great Harvest fan, though (hard to put into words) some Hounds consider their product "chowish" and others would call it "upscale commercial bread." I don't care, I just like it.

              Also, Best Buns - gets great reviews.


              Best Buns Bread Co
              4010 28th St S, Arlington, VA

              1. re: wayne keyser

                I like it, but it's nothing like the crusty rustic bread you'd get at Acme. I think it's a big step up from grocery store bread but no where near as good as some small bakeries.

                1. re: chowser

                  Great Harvest!!! And they give you free samples that will fill you up! I love all of theuir bread- especially the Apple Scrapple

                  1. re: xena1441

                    I really like great harvest and randolph (mainly for pastry breads). I love Great Harvest's Carolina rolls for the holidays, and there cherry, chocolate bread, and the ham and cheese scones, who am I kidding I like everything there. Their pizza bread is good too.