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Nov 18, 2007 03:46 PM

Turkey Testicle Festival, Huntley

Does anyone know if they really serve turkey testicles? Someone told me they were there a couple of days ago and they thought they were breading pieces of beef...

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  1. I think they really are turkey. It's supposed to be a great festival.

    1. Yes, they really are turkey testicles. I was at the festival 2 years ago and plan on going again tomorrow. It's a great time!!! The testicles are found in the chest cavity of the bird. They are like the gizzards. They bread and deep fry them. The last time I had them they were very dry and needed some kind of dipping sauce. Here's the website.

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        The 2008 Turkey Turkey Testicle Festival, Huntley will be Wednesday, November 26 2008. You can read the details at:

        1. It is a local fest - heated tents outside, bands, beer garden-esque. It usually gets pretty crowded. Going once was enough for me, though it was fun to try the testicles. (Proves you can deep fry anything!)