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Nov 18, 2007 03:44 PM

teppanyaki in lexington

I noticed a Grand Opening sign on Waltham St. in Lexington today, next tot he boarded up? Peking Garden. Anyone know anything?

Oh, bummer. I just found the website...they offer both Chinese and Japanese.

Teppanyaki Asian Cuisine
27 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

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  1. If you miss Benny Hana's (sp?) in Boston, this'll be fun for you. Pretty good teppanyaki with the classic old jokes (butter-fly, genuine Japanese Imperial Margarine, etc). The food is pretty good quality. Especially tasty were thin salmon fillets cooked on the teppanyaki, and the steak and unusually thick pieces of squid. Clean, nice atmosphere. Definitely a nice change of pace place to take the kids when you're sick of Bertucci's.

    Anyone know anything about the new place (looks like a sushi place) opening two doors down, on the other side of Upper Crust? Has it opened yet? Same owners? These two are going to put some pressure on Dabin.

    1. Peking Garden is closed? Wow, that has been there since I was a little kid. I remember a friend of mine telling me a story about Peking Garden from many years ago. He was eating lunch there one day when all of a sudden a cook and the manager (or the owner) came crashing through the kitchen doors swinging at each other and smashing into tables as horrified customers looked on. Not sure what the fight was about, but as my friend said, it's definitely not something you see every day in a restaurant.

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        Hiddenboston, I could be mistaken by that. I didn't stop and actually look in to see.

        1. re: bear

          Yup, Peking Garden's been gone awhile, I think.
          Replaced by three restos. Upper Crust has been there a little while, and two new Japanese restaurants, as above.

          1. re: raddoc

            Upper Crust is not in the Peking Garden space. Upper Crust has been there about 2 years (maybe less), while I last ate at Peking Garden a year ago October. Can't say I miss Peking Garden, but I prefered their buffet over Yantzee River (just never liked that place).

            1. re: pamalamb

              I wasn't sure of the spaces. You're right that Upper Crust has been there longer. If that's not part of the old PG then Teppenyaki isn't either (probably an old insurance co.). The newer Japanese restaurant is definitely part of the old Peking Garden space. Anybody know the name?

              1. re: raddoc

                I drove home from the gym via this route so I could check it out. The new Japanese place is Daikanyama, if I wrote it down correctly. I peeked under the papered windows as much as I could, and it looks like it will be ready to open soon. Pleasant-looking, but too bad there's no diversity in the new openings. Two Japanese places within a couple of store-fronts.

                On another new Lexington note, on my way home, I noticed that Crushed Grapes has opened on Waltham St. next to Bruegger's, I believe. From the outside, it looks like primarily an up-scale wine store with a good cheese selection. It also advertises prepared foods and ready-to-cook foods. Sounds promising if it isn't too expensive and the food is good.

                Sadly, the old Peking Garden has a CitiBank "coming soon" sign in the front...

                1. re: bear

                  Thanks for the update, bear.
                  Whoever gets to Daikanyama first after it opens, please post

                  1. re: raddoc

                    I went to Daikanyama for dinner a couple weeks ago. Thought the food was excellent. I had a spicy scallop handroll, the dobin mushi soup (not sure about the spelling, but it comes in a little teapot), the kirin maki (with super white tuna), and shared a beef terriyaki. They were very generous with the size of the handroll. There was a lot of variety on the menu -- lots to choose from for both cooked foods and raw fish. I thought their menu was more extensive than a lot of other suburban Japanese restaurants. The quality of the steak they use for the beef terriyaki was better than steak I've had at actual steakhouses!

        2. re: hiddenboston

          This fight may have been during the period when The Peking and the Yangtzee each kept calling the INS alleging/reporting that illegals were working at the other place. It was fun to watch! I will not miss Peking Garden. It had deteriorated quite a bit over the past few years. The back parking lot always smelled from its grease. I'll be glad to try the new places.