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Nov 18, 2007 02:52 PM

Rice with pests [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Lately, almost every package of raw rice I've purchased has had "bug" in it. It looks like some type of brown rice-colored flying moth. Of course, I throw away the whole bag, but I may not have the receipt, so I've just thrown away money, as well.

How do you find rice without the extraneous pests in it? Is most rice like this?

It's highly annoying.

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  1. Here in Florida this has happened to me so many times! not just rice, also pasta, flour and even some herbs!! driving me insane!
    I'd like to find a solution to this too! we just keep everything in the freezer, it's just very annoying!

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      I hear you. I have to keep my flour and cornmeal in the freezer as well because otherwise, a few days after I buy it, it's infested with these small bugs. Annoying!

    2. The latest bag of brown rice I bought also had these too. They make a webby pod around themselves out of the rice grains. Must be a bad time of year or something.

      1. Yea, I just bought a bag of Korean rice and decided just to put the bag in my giant storage container of jasmine rice. It turns out the Korean rice had bugs in it and it infected my whole storage of rice: had to give it all away. It's really gross because the bug hollows out rice grains, lays eggs in it and if you crack open a grain you can see a larvae wiggling out of it. My tip is to just segregate your bag from everything. I think it depends on the brand and country of where you'll find bugs. I usually get Vietnamese or Chinese rice and it is usually clean but for some reason Korean rice has bugs in it despite the fact that Korean stores are the cleanest supermarkets ever.

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            The rice isn't bad to eat I guess it's more of just a gross out thing. We have a maid and we asked her if she wanted it (about 50 lbs of infested rice) and she said yes; she said that she had those bugs in Mexico City so she was used to it and willingly accepted all of it. I did some research and they aren't a hazard or anything.

        1. You threw away the whole bag over one bug? Wow. I realize this sounds kind of rude, but for your sake, never watch a documentary about farming/food production, don't look in the stock room of your local supermarket, and never, ever, ever even peek into the kitchen of a restaurant of any place but a fast-food joint where I think they must pressure-hose everything down with superheated detergent water every night. (g)

          I don't know that I'd go as far as the other poster's maid, but it takes of lot of insects in grain products to make me toss them... what's the problem, really? Unless they' totally taken over a bag of flour, you won't taste what doesn't sift/strain out (or float off in water, in the case of rice and other whole grains), they're not inherently toxic, I promise grain moths don't carry the plague - they've spent their whole lives in that bag of rice or flour or pasta or whatever.... If it's an esthetic thing, I guess each to her own, but unless you have some sort of unusual allergy (maybe?), do realize there's no health or nutritional reason to do so.

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            My husband sells rice for a living and says to freeze the rice and then rinse it to get rid of the bugs - they'll float to the top. And, you are right, they are not toxic. Rice is often fumigated during the shipping process to kill the bugs and pass inspection, etc.

          2. Yes, grain weevils are harmless. Wash them out, cook the rice, and eat.